I love this name!
Oddly, I thought this was masculine at first, like Leland. I really like it on both a boy and girl, but I would use it only on a girl because that's what it's intended for.
I like this a lot, but only as a middle name because it would be a bit tricky on a girl living in Australia. I think it would go well with something like Hannah.
I like a lot of Irish names, and this is one of them! :)
I love this name. I would only pick authentic Irish names, not unbearable anglicizations, and Líadan is a well established Irish name, so it fits criteria one. It has some history and mythology, and an actual namesake; the poetess Líadan. And there's the all-female band called Líadan. I like names where I can clearly see the meaning when I look at it, like Fiachra and Róisín. "Liath" means "grey" and "bean" means "woman", so Líadan works, and it wouldn't be too hard for foreigners to pronounce. But more than any of that, I love the sound.
There is an awesome all-female Irish band called Líadan. They play traditional and sean-nós songs, as well as modern material. They use Irish instruments like the fiddle, tin whistle, harp and harmonica. The band was named after the poetess Líadan in the ninth century story of Líadan and Cuirithir.
The name Liadan (pronounced lee-uh-din, if you want to pronounce it correctly) is beautiful. It reminds me of sorrowful beauty, which I greatly appreciate in a name. I don't mind it being spelled Liadin, either. Liadan stands for.

The pronunciation is closer to Lee-a-din than Lee-din. The fada/accent mark on the "i" lengthens it.
This is the name of the heroine and protagonist of the second "Sevenwaters" book, "Son of the Shadows." Liadan is the younger daughter of Sorcha, who was the heroine of the first book in the series.
I would pronounce it Lee-uh-din. I doubt that that's correct, because I do not live in Ireland and do not speak their language.
"Dawn" would be a nice nickname for Liadan.
Beauty and uncommon.
It's a very pretty name, and the spelling is pretty too.
I love this name. I think that it would work great with Keeley as names for twin girls. Liadan and Keeley.
This is a beautiful name.
Alternate form: Liadán (LEE-a-dawn). The mother of St Ciarán was also named Liadán. Legend has it that she conceived him after swallowing a star that fell into her mouth as she slept.

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