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Liana Hallik is an alias used by Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
Lady_Skywalker  5/25/2019
Also used in Latvia. [noted -ed]

Czech and Slovak diminutive form is Lianka.
Shaymin  3/2/2019
My name is Liana and I love it. It's quite unique but I think a name like mine should be very popular. I never knew Liana was a plant! Also I think there are many nicknames for Liana like Leeli (which is what my friends call me), Liane, Lia and a ton more if you think about it.
lianahere  12/6/2018
Liana is a beautiful name.
kayisforkeen  11/22/2018
The name "Liana" actually comes from the name of a flower. If you Google the words: "Liana plant", it's actually a class of flowering, woody vines called Liana, and pronounced "Lee-AH-nuh"! I think it is an absolutely gorgeous name and there are several beautiful Liana flowers out there in the world. There are many girls named Violet, Rose, Lily, Flora, Iris... Why not have a little more of a unique name like Liana, to add to that world of flowers? :) It stands out as a name not everyone has, but still has that old-fashioned, classic, feminine ring to it. Such a pretty name.
― Anonymous User  11/15/2017
Liana is a beautiful name and I like it a lot. The good thing about it is that it's kind of unique and not overused! It has Persian - Iranian origin and it means : Glowing lady.
― Anonymous User  9/17/2017
My name is Liana and I hate it! Don't get me wrong, I think it's a beautiful name, but it's really hard to make nicknames out of it since it is really short. My friends name's are really big so they all have really cool nicknames and stuff and I'm stuck here with a nickname that only started because a teacher mispronounced my last name...
Just A Girl  9/14/2017
My name is Liana and I love it! I was born in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have met two other "Liana's" one in my current city, population 37,000, and one in a larger city of 246,000, although they were younger by 20-30 years. It sure looks strange seeing my name on someone else's name tag though.
― Anonymous User  5/6/2017
This is my daughter's name. We and she love her name even though the immediate family shortens it to call her Lia. The meaning I found when naming her is, God has answered. True to that, he did. My mom always wanted a granddaughter. Liana is her only.
myvibe  4/10/2017
The name Liana is a lovely name and that's the name of my sister.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2016
My name is Liana with the middle name Rose. I never really liked my name, but I have grown to like it a lot! A lot of people like my name, but they always say it as "Leeana", "Liona" and even Liliana. My mom was going to name me Georgina, but now that I think of it, I am NOT a Georgina. I like being called nicknames, some not even like my name, like Rei, Lee, or Steili, my favorites. I am happy to have an uncommon name. It's harder to get mixed up too, haha! My mom, not me, found one high school girl at the school she works at named Liana.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2016
My daughter's name is Liana Marie. A beautiful name. Like others, people tend to pronounce it wrong. It's Lee-ah-na, not Lee-anna. To me, that's obvious, but people don't get it for some reason. It's not a common name, however. When my daughter, who was born in 2005, started kindergarten there was another Liana in her class! We haven't met another one since.
LCMom  2/10/2016
My name is Liana, and for a while, I did not like it at all. This was because I rarely met someone who could pronounce it right without me repeating it at least 3 or 4 times. It's Lee-ah-nuh, not lee-Ann, lee-Anna, lie-ona, lie-Anna...! Another reason was that it's not very well-known.
After a while though, I got used to that, and now I can see the beauty in it. I haven't met anybody with my name, and that's actually really nice. There are plenty of girls named 'Mary','Jessica' or 'Isabelle' out there, but only some have the privilege of the name 'Liana'. :)
lianaguid  1/30/2016
From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US - My name is Liana Marie. Marie from my mother's sister. I was born in 1963. My great grandmother's name was spelled Leeanna. It was my dad's idea to give me the name with this spelling. I've always thought it to be a unique and beautiful name. People always pronounce it wrong. I am so happy to see so many with the same name.
Leez Ryd  11/12/2015
From Canada----> My name is spelled LIANNA with my middle name being CHRISTINE, and I was born mid- late eighties. I like the way the first and middle name blend nicely. The worst thing about having this name, is that people are too lazy and don't read the whole name. Even though I would pronounce it LEE-Anna, they would call me Leanne. Teachers would call me LIE-Anne. Would drive me crazy. Dad wanted to name me Jessica but Mom won and named me LIANNA. Very glad for that too. It can be a pain growing up and having your own ENGLISH teacher pronouncing your name wrong, but still, I wouldn't change it. The only thing I would have changed was possibly taking one of the 'N's' out.
Lcbolt  8/25/2015
Liana is my name, and I know one other girl with it. When people meet me for the first time, (especially teachers on the first day of school) they usually misread it and say Liliana or something. Either way I've always been very happy with my name, and I know it's a name that not only fits me now but will also work for me when I'm a grown up!
Liananikki67  8/17/2015
The name Liana is gorgeous and utterly beautiful. Xoxo.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2014
Liana is my name. I honestly love my name but if only people would take the time to actually read it right. My whole life I have been called Lilliana, Leann, Leah, Lena, Iliana, and even Luann. I even had someone tell me in school that my name was spelled wrong. I love my name to be pronounced Lee-ah nah. Lee uh nah is ok with me as long as it's not something completely different from Liana. My name is not common. I only met one Liana in my life and that was at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.
Liana89  9/6/2014
Very beautiful lee anna or lie anna.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/4/2014
Liana Liberato is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2011
Beautiful and expressive. This is NOT used enough!
Joy12  6/16/2011
Not strong on its own, but it is quite pretty.
Alora  1/2/2010
I personally think this is a lovely name. My wonderful mother has this name, but she occasionally claims she doesn't like it. Even though it's a nice name, MANY people tend to misspell Liana and pronounce it wrong as well.
AppleLolli  7/18/2009
This is probably the most cool name ever for a girl. Period.
aquaspirit96  1/8/2008
The English word Liana is from Old French "lier" and Latin "ligâre", 'to bind'. An alternate form is Liane. (lee-AN or lee-AHN)
earthnut  9/14/2007
The English word is pronounced lee-A-nah or lee-AH-nah.
earthnut  8/2/2007
Liana is also the Czech and Slovak form. Name Day: 10th December.
Karcoolka  6/22/2007
Liana´s pet forms are Lia, Lily, Liena, Lianka.
Ronja  2/19/2007
One of my girlfriends is named Lianna Natalia, I think it is lovely. She's Nordic. Could that be an origin? I love "Lianna Ingrid" together.
VictoriaCalledTori  2/1/2007
This is my mother's name. I think it is beautiful and elegant, but I don't think she is too fond of it. Whenever she tells people her name is Liana, people call her Liane. Also, for her, it isn't short for anything, this is her actual name. I still like it, though.
tomboy  11/22/2006
Liana St. Martin was Lena Olin's character in "The Ninth Gate".
audreyhubley  8/5/2006
Could also be short for Liliana.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006
Famous bearer: actress Liana Liberato. Born on August 20th, 1995, in Galveston, Texas, Liana (to this writing) has had roles in such crime dramas as "Cold Case" and "CSI: Miami".
Pheadirean  6/13/2006
It's the most beautiful name on this earth!
lacyrae  1/18/2006
Also very popular in Romania.
oanaq  9/23/2005

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