Can mean "my God has answered", "to climb like a vine" or "daughter of the Sun".
This is my aunt's name and she pronounces it lee-AW-nee. She is from Germany.
Pronounced lee-AH-nə. [noted -ed]
WHOA! Let's get something straight here! No form of Liane is French! I live in France and my name is Leanne and when spoken, my name gets blank stares! After I mimic swinging on a vine and say, "Tarzan", they laugh and get it! Liane means "vine" in French! No way, no how is this name French! It's a combination of two ENGLISH names -- Lee (meadow) and Anne (favored). If Anne is French, it's only because of the Biblical influence. Bottomline, if you're looking for a French girl's name, it's not Liane, or any other spelling of that name. [noted -ed]
This is also an variation of Liana.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Liane here:
I know a Philipino-American girl with this name, but pronounced Lee-AH-nee. I like it!
Liane Cartman, Eric's mother on South Park.
Sometimes pronounced LEE-ANN or LEE-ON-UH

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