Only good as a nickname for a child.
This name sounds made up, but it's still cute! Wouldn’t age very well.
It reminds me of lips.
Name of the protagonist in the book Dark Places, by Gillian Flynn, the author of Gone Girl. In the book, Libby Day is clinically depressed and deals with heavy trauma with anger.
Cute! But doesn't age well.
Cute and juvenile :)
It's an ADORABLE nickname for Elizabeth! It's so cute! Cute cute cute! Stop using Lizzie and start using Libby!
As someone from the 90s, I just had the realization that Libby is both a character from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and "Jimmy Newtron". Both the characters are snobbish and sometimes rude, but my opinion of the name is that it has a positive sound, and I could imagine calling an older friend "Libby" affectionately.
I love this name!
It's youthful, wholesome, cheerful and fresh.
If I had two daughters, I would name them Libby and Daisy.
Can also be short for Liberty.
I personally dislike the name Libby as it rhymes with Gibby, which I associate with the 2008 Nickelodeon show, iCarly. Personally I think the name Libby ruins the aesthetic of the name Gibby and that is therefore why I dislike the name strongly.
This is a common stripper name and having worked in the industry you wouldn't want to name your child this as many people associate it with strippers and this could affect their reputation.
Kind of annoying.
So British.
I know quite a few Libbys. One is a Libby, the regular spelling, pronounced "Lib-ee". The second is a Libi, pronounced "Lee-bee". The third is a Libi, but pronounced like Libby. My favourite out of the bunch is Libi, because it sounds much more sophisticated than Libby.
I like it and it looks better than Livvy.
Libby Tubman was Sheila's older sister in the once-popular Fudge series by Judy Blume.
Very infantile, and much like Maddie, draws the image of stuck-up middle school girls. I prefer Lizzie for a nickname of Elizabeth.
Cute nickname for Elizabeth.
Well... my name is Libby and it isn't short for anything. But apparently I have the name of a dog and it sucks when it's not short for something.
Someone also said it's annoying and infantile. And I would like to tell you all that I think it's a stupid name for a dog but I do agree that it sucks when it's not short for something. I also get called Libbeh quite a lot because of where I'm from.
I knew a Libby whose full name was Liberty.
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Libby* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1888th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

*as a first name, not a nickname.
I like Libby as a nickname for the Yiddish name Leeba, meaning love. Libby sounds like the name of a spirited, intelligent person.
Remember that the name 'Libby' can be used as a given name, not just a nickname or a shortened version of one.
The name Libby, according to some, means 'God's Promise'.
It is a nice name for a girl.
Libby can also be used as a nickname for Olivia, a form of Livy.
More a name for a dog.
If someone whose name is Elizabeth or Isabel wants to be called this, fine. However, If someone's actual name is this, the aforementioned names have more appeal to me.
My grandma's name is Liberina, but most people call her Libby for short. It sounds so pretty!
I love Libby as a nickname for Elisabeth.
I like the name Libby. It's also like Lily and I love that name. It's like a sporty, clever, shy name. She would be like the one who keeps charge and never gives up.
Libby is not just Elizabeth... cousin is Liboria... goes by Libby...
Sorry some feel my name is shallow. I have grown to like it.
Elizabeth was hard to write as a child. I am thrilled it is a trendy name in Britain. By the way I am not stupid. I have a master's degree and work with the sick and dying as a chaplain- not so shallow either. Yes I can be irritating, just like the critics. Kind of surprised, but thankful, no one has remembered Libby Libby Libby...
My name is Libby. Most people who meet me seem to think its short for Liberty. It is in some cases. In my case, I was christened as Libby, so it's not short for anything. But my 'Libby' comes from Elizabeth.
My friend's name is Ellen, and we all call her Libby. I don't know how Libby came from Ellen, but that's it!

I have read on other websites that Libby is a form of Ellen though, alongside Elizabeth and Liberty. It is a beautiful name, I love it!

For some reason I always think of Libby Fox from Eastenders, LOL :D

Great name, and my friend always gets many lovely compliments on always being Libby.

Thank you :) x.
My best friend is called Liberty and we call her Libby for short. I have always loved the name Libby, it sounds so beautiful and strange, though I never knew it could be short for Elizabeth.
Ugh, this name is so infantile and shallow- sounding. I guarantee that you will never meet a Libby who isn't shallow and irritating. It's awful for anyone over the age of 10.. Libby the doctor? Libby the lawyer? I think not. Maybe Libby the preschool teacher. Better keep it at Elizabeth/Olivia/Liberty when her 10th birthday comes.
I had to add a personal comment in defense of my name- to the person who thought they'd never meet "Libby the doctor"-I am a doctor and some of my patients (especially pediatric) call me Dr. Libby and I love my name! It's a great name and for me it is a nickname for Elizabeth! Embrace all of the Libby's in your life! (=
This is an adorable nickname for a little girl named Elizabeth :) I like it as a nickname for Isabel too, I never thought of that. It definitely beats Izzy, that's for sure!
I like this diminutive. I saw a woman being called "Libbeh" and "Libba."
I think this name is okay on it's own, but it sounds really great if it has a good surname behind it, such as: Taylor, Cole, Carter, Kingsley, Dawson, and so on are all pretty good names to back up the name Libby, in my opinion.
My best friend's name is Elizabeth, and everyone calls her Libby. I can't see it as a nickname for anything else, and I think it is the best nickname for Elizabeth. When I was little, I'd call her Elibbybeth. Cute :)
I really like this name. It's cute. I think it also works as a nickname for Olivia or Liberty.
Liberty Danielle Folfax was a character in the children's cartoon, "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" and was called Libby.
Libby is also nickname for Libuscha, Libusha, Libjena and Libena.
I love this name, but it reminds me of that horrific store, Libby Lu.
Originally Libby was derived from "Ibb" - a pet form of Isabel, another form of Elizabeth. That explains the "ibby" sound in it, which is not heard in the name "Elizabeth" and which might otherwise seem inexplicable.

Ibb has been used since the Middle Ages, so this seemingly modern-sounding name actually has quite a long history. [noted -ed]
Reminds me of the country Libya.
I love this name! Much prettier and less used than Elizabeth. :D
Australian swimmer Libby Trickett is a famous bearer. Her first name is Lisbeth.
Bleurgh, this nickname is so ugly, annoying, and infantile.
Libby is also nickname for Liběna, Libuše, Liboslava and Libora.
I really like this as a nickname for Elizabeth! I've always loved the name Elizabeth, but I never liked any of the other nicknames (Liz, Lizzie, Elle, Ellie, Beth, etc.). For some reason though, I really like Libby!
This can also be a nickname for Liberty.
This is my nickname for Elizabeth and I like it best for Elizabeth.
Elizabeth, commonly known as "Libby," is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost played by Cynthia Watros.
My name is Libby, and mostly I like it. The only trouble is that people are always telling me "I've got a dog called Libby", etc. Other than that, I love it!
It doesn't really sound like the short form of Elizabeth (just like Buffy). I personally thought it was short for Liberty. Make sense?
I always thought Libby was short for Olivia.
Libby is the nickname for Elizabeth. Livy is the nickname for Olivia.
It certainly can be for Olivia if people want it to be--but it originated as a nickname for Elizabeth, circa, I think, the early 20th century.
If Libby was only used in the 20th century, why it in the Top 1000 during the 19th century?
Libbie Custer was the wife of George Armstrong Custer.
Libby Kaponen, who wrote Blow Out the Moon's main character is called Libby.
Libby was the name of the snotty girl on the T.V. show "Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch."
In the book Loving Libby by Robin Lee Hatcher, Libby is a nickname for Olivia. But I personally like it best as a nickname for Elizabeth.

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