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Pronounced as "LIB-uw-sheh".
Samantha Carter  12/5/2015
Libuše is an Old Czech name. It is derived from adjective libý, the base of which is Slavonic ljub meaning "love", "lovable". Related names are Ljuba, Liběna and Liboslava.
MaggieSimpson  2/14/2009
Serbian and Croatian form is Libuša and Ljubuša.
Emilie007  12/9/2008
Famous bearers:
Ing. Libuše Benešová, CSc., chemist
Libuše Bělunková, poet/author
Libuše Čiháková, publicist
Libuše Jarcovjáková, photographer
Libuše Bedrnová, actress
Libuše Bokrová (14. October 1891, Prague), actress
Libuše Freslová (27. June 1898 - 20. August 1982, Prague), actress
Libuše Jiskrová (14. May 1940), actress
Libuše Komancová, actress
Libuše Kosová (born 1956), actress
Libuše Márová (24. December 1943, Sušice), opera singer/actress
Libuše Matějová (23. November 1930, München), actress
Libuše Mayerová, actress
Libuše Mincová, actress
Libuše Müllerová, actress
Libuše Pešková (5. July 1924 Prague - 30. November 1994 Benešov), actress
Libuše Pospíšilová (2. August 1923, Habrovany), actress
Libuše Rogozová, actress
Libuše Štědrá (b. 1942), actress
Libuše Zátková, actress
Libuše Zemková, actress
Libuše Koutná, director
Emilie007  12/9/2008
Pronounced "Li-boo-sheh" (shortly). Slovak form is Libuša.
Karcoolka  3/21/2008
Libuśa and Ljubuśa is the Serbian and Croatian form.
Libusza is the Polish form.
Libussa is the German and Dutch form.
Karcoolka  3/21/2008
A legendary Czech princess with a prophetic ability was named Libuše. Because this legend is rather old (I think it was first recorded in the beginning of 12th century by the chronicler Kosmas), I believe it isn't just a pet form of Libìna, but more likely simply originating from the same source. ("libý" is a bit ancient Czech word for "pleasant").
HanaB  10/18/2007
Famous bearers are Czech actresses Libuše Šafránková, Libuše Švormová, Libuše Havelková and Libuše Geprtová.
Karcoolka  3/24/2007

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