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Gender Feminine
Other Forms FormsLycoryca, Liquoricia

Meaning & History

This name was recorded in the Jewish community in medieval England. It was famously borne by Licoricia of Winchester who was one of the most prominent female bankers and one of the most notable English Jewish women of her time.
Licoricia is derived from the English word licorice (via Old French licoresse) and ultimately from Greek glukurrhiza ( γλυκύρριζα): glukus (γλυκύς) "sweet" and rhiza (ῥίζα) "root".
Both the (folk) etymological meaning of "sweet" and the associative meaning of the licorice itself fit well into the Jewish naming conventions of the time: names whose meanings denote desirable traits were common (especially for girls, compare Doltza, Beila, etc.) as were names denoting valuable things (compare Diamante, etc.).
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