Lilah is a pretty awesome name.
What about Delilah. This is a nice short form of Delilah. Though Lila looks too short, by adding the H at the end helps it a lot.
I love the name Delilah, and this is the perfect nickname.
I mean, when you look at the name, it's obviously pronounced Lie-lu, but I've had people pronounce it Lee-lu! Or Li-lu. It's kinda funny after a few years.
This name actually means seductive! I LOVE whoever chooses to name their child Lilah.
There's a famous ice skater named Lilah Fear.
I think this name is lovely! Not super popular, so your child won't end up with another person named the same thing in their class, but not too unique, so they don't hate you for naming them Lilah. I much prefer this spelling, as it is easier to pronounce, but people always spell it wrong! I know this from personal experience.
I've never thought of this name being etymologically related to Leila at all. I always thought it was a short form of Delilah. That said, I find Delilah far more substantial than just Lilah, and prefer Leila (lay-luh) to Lilah as well.
There is nothing appealing about this name!
I hate when people personalize or customize names with a random h at the end. I completely prefer the spelling Lila.
Lilah-Rose Rodriguez is Linda Cardellini's daughter.
Nickname “Lie”?! No thank you!
Please don’t name a child something with the potential nickname “Lie”!
Sooooo overdone- all spellings of this name! Over it!
I prefer the spelling Lyla.
Not a fan at all. I know a few with this name that totally turned me off to the name!
I prefer Lila.
Could also be a nickname/short form of Delilah.
I think this name is quite delectable, and much prefer it to Lila since the pronunciation is clearer.

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