Nickname for Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Lilianne, Lizianne, Lizabeth, Eliza, Lisabeth, Elisabethanie, Elizabethany, etc. Variants: Lily, Lilli, Lilly, Lili, Lilley.
Lily and Lillie are the only two spellings of this name that I love.Lily is beautiful and reminds me of the flower.Lillie looks elegant and complete and reminds me of the Edwardian and Victorian era because it was the most common spelling back then.
It's so cute and cheeky, perfect for a toddler or kindergartener, but I think the kid should change her name back to Lilly/Lily when she grows up, for teasing reasons.
I like this name. It feels more complete than Lily, Lilly and something else of similar names. Lillie is sweet, feminine, but somehow also strong, stable at the same time. Lillie is good!
"I can too touch them. I've theorized it's only a matter of if I want to touch them or not."The one thing I think of when I hear this name.
LILLIE can also be used as a DIMINUTIVE of ELIZABETH and LILLIAN. It was more popular than LILY in the 19th century and 20th century USA. [noted -ed]
My name is Lillie. I really like my name, it was the name of my great grandmother and one of my parent’s friends, both of whom died before I was born. I like the history in my family. Although it is true no one will ever spell it right on the first time. I’ve gotten Lily, Lilly, and Lilie. I think you should use this name, your child probably won’t hate you for it.
I think this spelling is cuter than Lily. I still love Lily, but if I were to name my daughter Lily, I would spell it like Lillie.
In 2018, 83 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lillie who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 671st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Lily or nothing.
Don't like the spelling. Go with Lilly.
I chose the name Lillie for my daughter because I wanted a family name. My great grandmother Lillie Elizabeth was buried on her 28th birthday & was 9 months pregnant- she died from the avian bird flu epidemiic in the 1920's, no one in the family (I have 36 first cousins) bears her name. My understanding is that 'Lillie' is THE proper spelling for the actual name although I chose to spell it this way because my name ends with 'ie' (Stacie) & found out after the fact that my great grandmother 's name is spelled the same :) I don't know why so many people think this is a baby-fied name- they must not know many elderly people, in my mind Lillie is an old fashioned name- I work in healthcare & there are plenty of gray haired spit fires out there with it. I made a phone call to a 'Jennifer' last week that is 85 years old- that's a first- never encountered an elderly Jennifer- that caught me totally off guard. Anyway, I think Lillie is whatever the age, hair color or personality of the owner- it can be young or old. It can be soft yet strong at the same time, serious or sassy. My southern Lillie has big beautiful blue eyes & has medium brown hair & is sweet as pie, loving in nature, sharp as a razor but nobody's fool, come at her with assumptions that she's weak because of her name if you want to. I did give her a strong middle name to cut the sugar (her middle name is her daddy's first name) just because I wanted something intentionally different & strong (not weird). I like all spellings, however 'Lylie' is atrocious. Just my two cents though.
Lillie is the name of a character from Pokemon Sun and Moon. She is the assistant of Professor Kukui and she carries a Cosmog in her bag, which she rescued from the Aether Foundation.
Looks nicer than Lily, but expect any person named this to never, ever, have their name spelled right. I prefer the -ie to the -y, but if I named a child this, I'd go with Lily. (And probably make it short for Liliana).
In the book 18, set in 1925, Peter's girlfriend is named Lillie.
Lillie P. Bliss (born Lizzie Plummer Bliss, April 11, 1864 in Boston; died March 12, 1931 in New York City) was an American art collector.
Generally, "-ie" makes a name look far more delicate than the original - Lillie is a perfect example of this. I much prefer this to Lily.
I think this is a beautiful spelling of the name Lily.
Lillie is the real name of Shug Avery in the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker.
I like the ending "ie" better than "y" because most names that end in "y" are usually overused and "ie" makes it unique like Lillie, Carlie, Libbie, etc.
I personally like the spelling Lily instead of Lillie but it is a very beautiful name. I know someone by the name of Lillie Belle but her mother calls her Mary. Why? I have no idea but I feel sorry for the girl.
Well - I want to kick myself for this, but - I actually like this spelling for a boy. Ahhh! It's so unlike me, but I think this would be cool on a guy. I thought of it when I was playing with my 3-year-old cousin Logan the other day. "Lillie" just popped into my head. Then I saw on the popularity charts that it had once been on the charts for boys (though it didn't do so well ;D). Oh, I'm glad I got that off of my chest. Please don't think I'm insane!
Lillie is a great name. Just be warned though the spelling of the name changes so much because of the more popular spellings. It needs to get more known so then there aren't that many mistakes in the spelling.
Very cute! Can be short for Lillian, Lilith, and other names beginning with LIL.
Lillie Langtry, British actress and courtesan. But she was born Emilie.
This spelling is most often used as the nickname for Lillian. Very classy and feminine.
In Alice Walker's novel The Color Purple, Shug Avery's given name is Lillie.
I think it is a cute name. It is better than Lily (it is not so popular).

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