I really like this name, but I think I prefer Lily more.
Reminds me of the flower.
I prefer Lily it looks more elegant to me.
Lilliana "Lilly" Belle Ketchman, YouTube Star, featured on Dance Moms.
This is such a cute spelling! I used to think Lilly was the proper spelling when I was a little kid. Lily is more popular. The extra L makes it more of a name than a flower.
Sounds like "frilly"! I love this more than Lily! Lily is OK but related to the flower.
In my opinion, I think Lily is prettier, but not bad.
I love this name a lot, especially because I binge watch a LOT of Lilly K videos LOL! In my previous comment I stated that Lily was prettier, but I changed my mind now, I think they're equally pretty!
Lilly is also a nickname for Elizabeth... not just Elisabeth. I have also researched that Lilly is a surname - it comes from the mother's name - "Elizabeth"... this is why I personally used it for my child's middle name.
The extra 'L' bothers me, Lily looks nicer.
Whoever said this name should be for a boy is plain stupid. Might as well say Rose and Daisy should be masculine names too.
I think that Lilly is more of a male name. I think it's better than the name Megan though. Lilly seems like the type of person to wash their hands after taking a shower or to put up curtains after someone just took them down.
"Lilly seems like the type of person to wash their hands after taking a shower". My name is Lilly and I do this. I want my hands to be clean after moving the bath mat. Am I being watched?
Lilly and Lily are cool names, I think Lily looks a bit more organized though. It's a beautiful name for a girl, a bit delicate though.
A billion times better than Lily. It's much prettier and more elegant.
Origin of the name Lily: Taken from the name of the plant having delicate, trumpet-shaped flowers regarded as a symbol of purity and perfection. The word is derived from the Middle English lilie, which is from the Old English and Latin lilium (lily). Alternatively, Lily is used as a pet form of both Lilian (lily) and Lilith (of the night).
Lilly is a random name. The name lily is named after the flower, but this happened when someone got bored and wanted you to be rich. Lilly also has 3 'L's and those are useless, so the name is useless. It sounds like the person who puts toothpaste in water.
Also, the name should be for a boy.
This is the best spelling. Lily looks wrong.
Lilly is so pretty! For a girl, I would use this as a nickname for Lilia/Lillia, Lilian/Lillian, Liliana/Lilianna, Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Alice/Alicia, Caroline/Karoline, Carolina/Karolina, Julia/Juliana, or Cecilia. :)
My name is Lilly and I personally like this name. The two Ls are very elegant and pretty, and while the name Lily is nice, Lilly is less ordinary and I am proud to have the unique spelling of this name. My mom gave me the two L's so I don't sound too much like an actual flower while still sounding floral (the funny thing is I actually hate lilies, they are my least favorite flower and they just remind me of a tacky 80s wedding or a funeral). The only thing I dislike about having this name is that I have to spell it for everyone or else they get it wrong and spell it like Lily!
Eh... I prefer Lily.
If you are to visit Salt Lake City Cemetery, you can see the gravestone of a woman called Lilly E. Gray who was allegedly a "victim of the beast", or so her tombstone epitaph says. She lived from June 6, 1881 to November 14, 1958 and was believed to be a satanist, which would very well explain what her gravestone message said.
My friend's name is Lilly and I can tell you that I would not like her to have any other name apart from this name. Here is my impression on this name:L for lively
I for incredible
L for little psycho
L for lovely
Y for yas girl!
I'm a Lilly and Lilly's are not perfect, you people that are saying it's spelt wrong? Opinion is one thing but rude is another! I didn't choose my name, I could have been named Blossom or Teddy, (depending on my gender) but I'm happy with my name.L lovelier than roses
I interesting
L little psycho
L lively
Y yo crazy
I personally really like this name. This spelling of the name Lily is the best spelling to me because the double L’s give it so much more charm. I have a pet cat named Lilly which makes me have good associations with the name as she brings me so much happiness and joy! The name Lilly makes me think of fun times and elegance but with a little spunk.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lilly who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 160th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Ugh, no. It's much better with one L.
My name is indeed Lilly and I like it! I like that it is different than the more common Lily, as I haven't heard or seen (myself) another "Lilly".
There is a city in Dooly County, Georgia, named Lilly.
I have always loved the name Lilly. I have a niece named Lilly & it suits her so much. It’s a very cute baby like name but still suits her the older she gets! We often call her Lil as a nickname!
I think it's pretty but a little boring.
My real name is Lillian, but I use Lilly as a nickname. Anybody who uses this name knows the struggle of the double L's. My name is constantly misspelled, and whenever I type "Lilly" anywhere, computers always try to correct it by changing it to "Lily," which frankly I don't understand because of the fact that the name "Lillian" has two L's. I honestly don't love my name, I wish I was given an uncommon name. I've never really thought my personality was associated with the meaning of the name, and I don't particularly like the image it has. I've always thought of Lily as sort of an annoying way to spell my name, generally because it was always compared to Lilly. Of course I still think Lily is a beautiful name, but I prefer Lilly, because it is a less common way to spell Lilly. If you can deal with the annoyance of everybody spelling your child's name wrong, I would definitely recommend this name. :)
Lilly Singh is a Canadian YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, writer and actress. She is better known by her YouTube username IISuperwomanII. Since beginning her channel in October 2010, her videos have received over 1.7 billion views, and her channel has accumulated over 11 million subscribers. In 2016, she was ranked 3rd on the Forbes list of the world's highest paid YouTube stars, earning a reported $7.5 million in 2016. Singh has featured in the annual YouTube Rewind every year since 2014. She has received an MTV Fandom Award, three Streamy Awards, two Teen Choice Awards and a People's Choice Award to date in her career. In 2016, Singh released a red lipstick, in conjunction with Smashbox, called "BAWSE", and released her first feature film, titled A Trip to Unicorn Island. Lilly reached 11 million YouTube subscribers in January 2017, and her channel is currently in the top 100 most subscribed on YouTube. In March 2017, she also released her first book, How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life.
Used in Netherlands.
Not a terrible name or spelling by any means. I'm just more inclined to the spelling of "Lily" myself. I'd use that spelling instead.
I love this name! I am 9 months pregnant with a little girl and plan to name her Lilly. I think it is beautiful the way it is spelled with the double L as well as the way it sounds. We struggled for a long time to choose a name and my husband actually picked it and we've stuck with it ever since. Now our only struggle is finding a middle name to go with it that isn't your typical Anne or Mae or even Rose.
I think that Lilly is a beautiful name, though I prefer it spelled "Lily" (like the flower). It works well as a nickname for Lilia, Lillian, and Liliana.
Lilly is a beautiful name. It is so elegant and the double l really gives it a nice touch.
I was almost named Lilly, and I think it's a wonderful, enchanting name.
Indian-Canadian YouTube personality Lilly Singh is a famous bearer of this name. Her YouTube username is "IISuperwomanII".
I used to love this name and thought it was very perfect for a pretty little girl until I got pregnant and everyone and their dog is named Lilly. It really is bad to just taint a beautiful name by throwing it on anything. They use it in every movie now: every little girl is named Lilly. It sucks.
It is no longer that special and sounds very weak and weird.
Lilly Pulitzer, designer and brand name of a preppy clothing line. Lilly is actually her nickname. Her full first name is Lillian.
Lilly is my name, given to me in an era where no form of Lily was the least bit trendy at all. I was named after a Lillian. My parents choose this spelling because a) it looked better with my middle and last name, and b) it's more fun to write in cursive. I love writing out my signature with the double-L.FYI, this spelling does not change the way it sounds. It's physically impossible for a spelling to affect the way a name sounds.Yes, people misspell my name as the more common Lily all the time (even when my name is spelt right out in front of them on Facebook), but it's not a big deal for me as I'm the only Lilly (or any variant of Lily) that I know. The younger generations may have more of an issue.
According to the US social security site, Lilly and Lillie were more common than Lily in the late 1809s. My guess is that this has to do with the nickname-as-the-full-given-name trend. Nicknames like Minnie instead of Minerva and Annie instead of Anne were quite common. I tar it that Lilly and Lillie were seen as nicknames for Lillian.
I personally like this spelling over Lily or Lillie. Lily sounds like the flower, and Lillie is okay but sounds kind of childish. Lilly sounds classic but modern, and is less common than Lily :)
The surname of famed English astrologer William Lilly (1602-1681). He is most famous for predicting The Great Fire of London 14 years before it happened using astrological methods. This led to accusations that he had started the fire himself, but there is no proof that this is true.This spelling also reminds me of the beautiful Australian evergreen myrtle tree, the lillypilly, which has pink flowers and pink to mauve berries.
Both Lily and Lilly are pretty, but I have to agree with the person who says that Lilly would be a good nickname for Elizabeth. Since Elizabeth is my favorite name right now, I'm looking for nicknames--since it's a long name--and Lilly is one of my favorites.
Also used as a surname.
I like it so much better with two L's instead of one. "Lily" almost looks like it should be pronounced "LIE-lee," although I know that's how the flower is spelled.
I love this name! This is what I named my dog (hey, I was four at the time), after that bunny from Richard Scarrey's Best Counting Video Ever (like I said, four).
I LOVE this name. If I have a daughter, I think I'll name her this. I can't really choose which spelling I like best, though. It also looks good with "ie", and Lily looks a little too short, but it's how the flower is spelt. But it doesn't matter how it's spelled, because it sounds the same, beautiful. It's hard to imagine a mean girl named this.
I like Lilly with two "L"s because it seems more balanced than Lily. This is a nice nickname for Elizabeth too. It is not as used as Liz, Lizzie, or Beth. I think it's fine on its own though.
I love love love this name! Not just because it's my own. In general. It's great!
I really like the name Lilly. I don't know why. I don't really like it as much when it doesn't have the double L's. I plan on naming my daughter this eventually whenever I have one.
Detective Lilly Rush is the lead character in the TV series "Cold Case", portrayed by Kathryn Morris.
No, no, no. LILY is the name. Lilly is just an ugly deformation of it.
This name is for a flower and not a person, no offense! But I think people names should go with, well, people names. Yeah but other than that it is short, kinda awkward, for a baby name, and just plain odd. Something about the name is inviting and has its own little twist! Yeah so it is an okay name!
On the Disney Show Hannah Montana Miley's best friend is named Lilly Trescott, played by Emily Osment.
I don't think that the double L's make much of a difference in the sound of this name at all. Definitely doesn't make it look more ditzy; if anything, the double L's make it look more grown-up. Lily is also pretty, but this would have to be my favorite spelling.
I despise this name. I absolutely LOVE Lily, but the double "l" really ruined it. It doesn't sound lovely and elegant anymore! Now it just sounds ditzy, preppy and overly girly!
I love that name! I would name my daughter that. It sounds so pretty with a long middle name like Michelle or Melissa.
This is one of my favorite flower names, I especially like the double Ls. :)
Lilly was the murdered best friend of Veronica on Veronica Mars.
This name is so beautiful, I wish my name was this!
This name is so pretty and elegant.
Lilly has also been used as a nickname for Elisabeth.
Lilly Marie is Barbara Kodetová´s daughter.
Lilly is Mia's best friend in The Princess Diaries books by Meg Cabot.
My grandmother's name was Lillian, and I think that Lilly would be a great way to honor her without being too stuffy and old-fashioned.
It's a nice name for a middle name but please if you're a parent don't be mean and choose Lilly for your child's first name.
Why wouldn't this make a good name? There is the "plastic purse" reference but not much else.

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