I think it would be better as Lily-Ana or Lily Ana or better yet Liliana, it looms strange together. Still a gorgeous name :)
I like Liliana better.
Bulgarian Pronunciation: lee-LYA-na, lee-LYAN-na

With 23 048 bearers, Lilyana is the 54th most common feminine given name in Bulgaria (2014 Data). About 100% of bearers of this name are Female in Bulgaria (2014 Data).

This is a really ridiculously beautiful name for an ridiculously beautiful girl.
Lilyana. Definitely prettier form of the name than Liliya.
Lilyana is the most commonly used name in Bulgaria, definitely.
It is such a beautiful Bulgarian name! Probably the most beautiful name I have ever heard.
The name Lilyana means:
- Purity
- Innocence
- Beauty
- Lily Flower
- "Gift of god"
- "My God is an oath" / "God is my oath".
I love that my name is Lilyana.
Such a lovely name.
Lilyana Lovela, Author, Psychic, Teacher, and Healer. Founder of the Angel Werks project.
Pronounced Lil-Yana.

There is no long E as in Lillyana with double Ls.

Short form Yana.
I love this spelling. :)
"Lilyana" is derived from the Bulgarian word "liliya", which means the flower "lily", that is why the Bulgarian names "Liliya" and "Lilyana" have a nameday on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) - the day of flowers and willows (the names of the other trees also have a nameday).

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