It looks like you heard Lindsay somewhere and didn't know how to spell it.

Lindsay and Lindsey are fine, but Linsey looks really misspelled to me.
I have a friend with this name, and I think it suits her really nicely and adds to her outgoing personality. I actually prefer this spelling over something such as Lindsay, as I can only see it being said the way it's spelt: Lind-say, rather than Lin-see.
I spell my name this way and I love the spelling. It's the correct spelling of the name. The one thing that really bugs me is being asked how to spell it and having it spelled wrong on papers. I also think it makes a great unisex name, I think a boy should be blessed to have this name.
How modern is "English (Modern)"? I met someone called Linsey who was about late twenties possibly early thirties. [noted -ed]
This is the best way to spell Lindsey! I have it so I'm unique and cool!
I love this spelling of Lindsey!

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