English LIZ-beth, Spanish LEEZ-bet, Swedish LEES-bet and LISS-bet.
I know some, also used in Sweden. [noted -ed]
I like Lisbeth. Lisbeth Lopez Herrera is my dream friend.
Lisbeth sounds so cute and it suits all ages! I prefer this over Elizabeth as a first name.
Also Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English (Modern, Rare)

Pronounced: LIZ-bət (German), LIS-beht (Swedish), LEHS-bəd (Danish), LIS-bəth (English)

Meaning: Variant short form of ELIZABETH used in several languages.
Variant of Elizabeth used in several languages.
Lisbeth is the cousin of American Girl character Kirsten Larson.
Lisbeth Zwerger is an Austrian artist known for her illustrations of children's books.
Most notably as the name of lead character Lisbeth Salander (albeit with different pronunciation) in both novel and film series "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo".
58 baby girls in the USA (2014) were given Lisbeth.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ruined this name. I don't really care for it.
The name Lisbeth was given to 82 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
The only "Elizabeth" variant I like.
Lisbeth Salander is one of the main characters in the book series "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."
Lisbeth Corbin was the name of a character played by Norma Shearer in the 1931 movie, 'Strangers May Kiss'.
Lisbeth Bede is a character in George Eliot's novel "Adam Bede."
Lisbeth "Libby" Lenton is an Australian swimmer.
Pronounced LEES-bet. [noted -ed]
Considered old fashioned in most parts of Germany.
Lisbeth Hummel is a beautiful European actress and model. She made a couple of not very successful Italian and French movies in the 1970s. She was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Anne Lisbeth is the title character of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale written in 1859. (See She is a beautiful woman who has an ugly son who is raised by laborers while she raises the child of a count. When her real son dies, she is haunted by his spectre.

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