It looks quite pretty as a name and it would look nice as a nickname as well.
Love! Very pretty!
T a c k y.
The name Livia was given to 399 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Livia are female.
While it says in the description that Livia is merely diminutive form of Olivia, it actually precedes the name by at least 1500 years. One famous bearer was the infamous Livia, wife of Augustus the first Emperor of Rome. This woman was so frighteningly kick ass that I considered changing my name to Livia (also for originality's sake) from Olivia for a few years. In I, Claudius she is portrayed as the ultimate killing mastermind, being involved in nearly every death in the Julio-Claudian family (cough everyone in the family) but it is for a desire for the good of the Empire, which, admittedly, blossoms under her strict imperial control.
It is an old name. That's why there is Livia (1) and Livia (2). Livia (1) is a separate name altogether. This page is for the English name Livia, which is a diminutive of Olivia. Livia (1), on the other hand, is probably what you're talking about.
I think this name is adorable!

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