The double v is unusual...
Here's a joke!

Why did I think that having a double V in that name was weird at first?
Because I thought that diminutive was too "savvy"! *ba dum tssss*
Get it: Livvy sounding like Savvy?!

Anyways it's a lovely diminutive of Olivia now and you can also spell it "Livy"!
Mary Livingstone, actress and wife of Jack Benny. Phil Harris called her "Livvy" on her husband's radio show.
Gorgeous, sweet name as a standalone or as a name used in childhood for Liv, Olivia, Alivia, Liviana, etc...
I named my younger daughter, Livvy Evangeline, to honor my maternal grandmother. It's unique and simple, and in my opinion, very beautiful. It fits her fresh, bright personality. I love it, and I love her!
I like the name Livvy, but I would never use it as a given name. Use Olivia instead, and make Livvy a nickname.
Livvy was the nickname of the mother in the 1970s family drama "The Waltons". Her given name was Olivia.
The author Mark Twain's wife was Livvy.

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