Short for lizard.
Liz the lizard.
Usages: HungarianPronunciation: LEEZMeaning: Short form of ELIZABET.(Information from name #349283 originally submitted by user epresvanilia)
This is my name, and I love it! A lot of people think it's too short for a name, but I disagree!
Pretty cute! I’d use this as a nickname for Lizlee, which I think is absolutely stunning! Whereas Elizabeth is dated and boring. Liz can also work as a standalone name too.
Cute nickname for Elizabeth.
Liz Prince is the author of the book, “Tomboy”.
Elizabeth Stride (born Elisabeth Gustafsdotter), known as "Long Liz," was believed to be one of the victims of Jack the Ripper, though some believe her murder to be unconnected to the other killings as her body was not mutilated like those of the other victims.
This makes an excellent nickname and middle name, but I think it's a little too short and plain for a full first name. Though it would be nice to hear a name like Liz for a change. A nice combo is Vicky Liz.
I am genuinely surprised no-one has mentioned Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson from the Garfield comic strips, who's almost always referred to as Liz. She's one of the main characters of the Garfield universe, Jon Arbuckle's crush/girlfriend, and works as a veterinarian.
My name is Elizabeth and I go by Elizabeth, but my teachers and peers call me Liz without asking if it is okay first, and I don't like it, but I don't have the heart to tell them to call me Elizabeth. I don't like the nickname Liz because it sounds like an old lady's name, and I am young and want to stay young. It is just too short and classical for me and I actually hate it. I see that most people like it, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I do not like it at all. I much prefer Lizzie as a nickname.
Liz Carmouche is an American mixed martial arts fighter. Carmouche currently competes for UFC in the women's bantamweight division. Carmouche competed in the first ever women's MMA match in the UFC when she competed against Ronda Rousey for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship at UFC 157. Carmouche is the first openly lesbian fighter in the UFC and was praised by company president Dana White for coming out.
The name Liz was given to 67 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name's Elizabeth but I go by Liz, I really like it, it's short and sweet and feminine but not too fluffy!
Sounds like a rather flowery housewives nickname for Elizabeth.
Liz Shaw was UNIT's original scientific advisor in the show Doctor Who, and assisted the Third Doctor during his first season.
Liz was given to 87 baby girls born in the US in 2012 as a full name.
A famous bearer of this name is American guitarist-singer-songwriter Liz Phair.
One of my best friends is named Liz since Elizabeth was too fancy and didn't fit her. I think Liz is short and sweet and way better than Elizabeth, which sounds too formal. Liz is more of a modern version.
Short, simple and sweet. What a concise marvel of a diminutive of a name.
I have seen this spelled Lyzz before on a message board.
I really like this. As much as most people hate this - I actually like it as a first name.
Liz is what I'm called (short for Elizabeth). I like the fact that this name is short and simple. I know some people think Elizabeth is more classy and mature, but usually I wish my parents would've named me just Liz. Not Elizabeth.
There is an author named Liz Carlyle.
There is an author named Liz Ireland.
Another variation of Liz is Lizz, with two z's. That's how I spell my name, but far to often do people forget the extra z.
The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor goes by Liz.
Another famous Liz is the lizard in the "Magic School Bus" series of children's books and videos.

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