Also very rarely used as a feminine name in the compound María Lluc (I met one, in fact). This comes from the Santuari Santa Maria de Lluc monastery in north-western Majorca, where a figure of the Virgin of Lluc stands.According to legend, a small boy named Lluc (son of a Muslim couple that had converted to Christianism) found this figure of Virgin Mary on the mountains and brought it to church. The very next day, the figure reappeared where it had originally been found, and it was agreed upon that there's where Mary wanted it to stay, so a sanctuary was built on that spot. Nowadays, the Virgin of Lluc is the patron saint of Majorca.The Virgin of Lluc is a Black Madonna and is colloquially known as "La Moreneta" (referring to her dark skin). There are other Virgins in Spain with the same nickname.
I like it. It's like Luke but Spainier.

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