I didn't know people had such strong feelings against my name, jeez! I remember reading some of these comments when I was younger and feeling bummed out people were calling it awful haha. But I do have to agree with some of the comments, London would be a much better choice.
Odd spelling...
If you must name your child after the city of London that's fine but at least spell it correctly.
Still reminds me of gross Oli London.
I've got something better: Lundyn.
When I read this shivers went down my spine.
No. This spelling is awful!
If you’re going to use a place name, at least spell it correctly. Londyn is literally made up and looks tasteless.
Londyn means "London" in Polish.
Even worse than London.
Soo pretty! All y’all haters are just jealous!
Misspelling a place name is just even more tacky.
Is this supposed to make London look better? Because it doesn't.
Naming your kid London is bad enough. Londyn is even worse.
I agree with the user above. It just sounds plain ridiculous.
Surely this name should only be used on a girl? I couldn't picture it on a boy.
I like the name Londyn as a girl or a boy name. My friend and I had our babies a day apart and we both decided to name our babies Londyn; I had a boy and she had a girl. My husband said he liked it because it sounded strong, so we came up with our own meaning, Large, Strong, fortress! That's what we think of when we call his name! No matter how London actually is, it is still standing and exists despite of all that goes on there!(-:

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