Such a cute name!
Apparently also used in Bulgarian, spelled Лора:
I think this is the more practical spelling, it dosen't have as many letters as Laura and you wouldn't spell Dora and Nora as Daura or Naura. I do prefer Laura though.
Allegedly also used in Hungary: -- mention ist as a variant
Also Slovene:
In 2018, 47 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lora who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 929th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I prefer the Laura spelling.
This was my grandmother's name, and my name. Middle names I’ve heard or liked are Ann, Jean, Marie, Anna, and Elizabeth.
I believe it is a Scottish version of the more common Laura and Laurel.
My family has always said “Lore-ah”.
Lora is a beautiful name regardless of how it is spelled. This is my sister's name. Her middle name is Aimee (pronounced A-may). Absolutely a pretty, feminine name. A timeless classic.
I don't like this spelling. I prefer "Laura".
The name Lora was given to 61 girls born in the US in 2015.
The name Lora was given to 57 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Also used in Croatia.
I like this name, it has a lot of history and sounds nice. Alora.
My name is Alora. I go by Lora sometimes!
Also a Scottish variant of Laura, taken from Ben Lora and the Falls of Lora in Argyll, Scotland.
I have heard that it is the common name for a flower in Swedish, but I haven't confirmed this.
My mom's name is Lora, some people call her Lori. I like it, it is very classic & simple at the same time.
This name is ok, unless you add an 'a' in front of the 'l' making Alora which is simply stunning!
I have only head this name a few times, but every time I heard it it was always pronounced LOW-rah.
Lora Hart was a character played by Barbara Stanwyck in the 1931 movie, 'Night Nurse'.
"Lora" is a very used in Bulgaria.
I've always said it: "LORE-ah".
Lora means dark brown in Spanish.
This is rarely used in Germany today. Many girls are named Laura instead.
I think a lot of names go with Lora as a middle name. My middle name is Heather which I love. I also like Lynn, and traditional names seem to go well like Jane, Marie, Anne, Grace, Kate or Elisabeth.
I like this name spelled Lorah, because it is the most unique form of Laura.
My mom's name is Lora, and I LOVE IT! It is a better spelling than Laura, in my opinion!
I love this name and I like the way it's spelled. But I having trouble finding a middle name (other than Lee) to go with this name.
I believe there may be some Scottish root to this name. There is a Falls of Lora and a Beinn Lora, outside the village of Connel near Oban on the west coast of Scotland. I've found some sources which say that the falls were so called by Ossian the blind poet who mentions in his work a Dun-Lora, Lora's Heath and Battle of Lora among others. So far however, I haven't found a meaning.

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