My name is Loris. Today is my birthday. I was born in the U.S. in 1947. I was named after my mother's elder half sister. She was born in 1899.
I like that my name is unique. It is somewhat annoying having to spell it and pronounce it carefully for people who think I have said Lois or Doris.
I do not know the history of the name in the U.S. How did it get to be used in a predominately German/Scot family?
I would be interested to know if there was a "Loris" as a character in a novel in the late 19th century.
― Anonymous User  4/28/2020
My name is Loris. I'm named after my grandmother, she was Ethel-Loris. I've never really liked my name, but everyone else does. I can't count how many times I've said, " No, its Loris. Like Delores, just drop the D"
Loris  3/10/2020
This name is great when used for guys and it also works well for girls as I think Loris sounds really pretty. I love the cute animal Slow Loris! ^^
― Anonymous User  2/15/2015
Loris sounds like a unisex name. I love it, I personally would use it for a boy. The animal is absolutely adorable but it's not an obvious animal name which is great.
amelissmith  9/6/2013
Loris is the diminutive form of Italian Lorenzo, meaning "of Laurentum."
Francesca  11/30/2010
I once knew a woman named Loris and am really surprised to find out this is a man's name.
Honeyrose  8/8/2007
It is also an Italian name for men.
― Anonymous User  4/21/2006

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