This is my name, I was named Lourdes after being born on a February 11th, the day of Our Lady of Lourdes. It’s not exactly an uncommon name in my country, even though it was never popular. I know two other women named Lourdes, both born on a February 11th too. One is named María de Lourdes, the most common combination with the name.
I can’t say I love my name, I kind of feel it doesn’t fit me well as it’s associated with very Christian or middle-aged women, and I’m a 22 yo. Atheist. But I do like its history and how pretty it sounds in combination with my middle name and last name.
Some nicknames are Lou, Lu, Lula, Lola, Luli and Luly.
I actually do like this name with the Spanish pronunciations, although I wouldn't ever use it.
I'm Spanish and I've always heard it pronounced [LOOR - dhehz]. Never have I heard the first syllable as [LOR]. [noted -ed]
This is my name and I pronounce it "LURE-days".
The pronunciation of LOURDES in Spanish is [LO-UR-DES]
The pronunciation of LOURDES in English is [LOR-DES]
Lourdes Leon was born on October 14, 1996 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. She is known for her work on I'm Going to Tell You a Secret, 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and Madonna: Celebration - The Video Collection.
Lourdes Celmira Rosario Flores Nano is a Peruvian politician and lawyer who is a former councilwoman, former Deputy from 1990 to 1992, former Constituent Congresswoman from 1992 to 1995, former Peruvian Congresswoman representing Lima from 1995 to 2000, and former chair of the Christian People's Party. Flores served as the first chairwoman of the Christian People's Party from January 2003 until November 2011.
As an Anglophone, I have never heard this name pronounced "LAWRDZ." I have only ever heard it pronounced "LOOR-des."
The name Lourdes was given to 90 girls born in the US in 2015.
I am a Lourdes. It is a French name. I was named Lourdes because my mother is also a Lourdes. I did not use the name on my two daughters because not everyone can pronounce it and I am continuously asked how do I spell my name. I also traveled to France and visited the small catholic town of Lourdes. It's a beautiful town. I went on February 11 and the entire town was walking with candles in hand. I went to the grotto and visited Bernadette's small home which they have as a museum. For those who do not know Bernadette Soubirouswas, she is whom apparitions are said to have occurred between 11 February and 16 July 1858. She would later receive recognition when the lady who appeared to her identified herself as the Immaculate Conception.
This name is so ugly and heavy-sounding, plus I don't want to use any name that Madonna used on one of her spawn.
What a tacky name. It's nothing special. It's just Lords but a different spelling.
Not fond of titles as names. Including like Princess, queen, queenie and all that garbage.
The name Lourdes was given to exactly 100 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon is the daughter of American singer Madonna.
It's actually pretty now but only pronounced loor des. Lordz is still pretty ugly.
I love the name Lourdes, it's beautiful and unique. It runs in the family and hopefully I can keep it going.
When I first read Madonna's daughter's name, I immediately pronounced it (LAWRD-ess).
Very pretty and unique. I only like it when pronounced LOR-DES.
While originally I didn't realize this was a given name, once I learned my Spanish professor from Paraguay bore it it grew on me. Now I think it's a beautiful name for a girl.
This name was used by a female on the 1930 Censo México (Mexico Census).
I don't think it gives a very intelligent impression of people to name their daughter after a place known for religious lunatics who think they see the Virgin Mary or Jesus in trees, doors, pieces of bread, etc, and who think water from a specific place can produce miracles. It's not a very pretty name, and I would never use any name Madonna has used.
The comment of the above poster is the very most immature and ignorant one I read on BtN so far. It is sad that some people feel the need to push their intolerant views on others.
French (pl/f) for "heavy". Ouch. And yeah, the French pronunciation would be "lourd" (really round "O," guttural, "r").
The name is pronounced Loor dess. That is the way I pronounce my name, also the way Madonna pronounces her daughter's name and the way almost all the girls named Lourdes pronounce the name, it is a classic name.
When my French husband pronounces this famous place name he says, "Loord" with the lovely French gutteral "r" and the "es" left off. They do that a lot -- the French -- add a bunch of letters to words which they have absolutely no intention of saying! "Ils chantent" (they sing) sounds like, "il shant"! No lie!
Actress Mia Farrow`s full name is Maria de Lourdes Villiers-Farrow.
I really love this name. It has beautiful connotations of healing and miracles. I love Lola as a nickname for Lourdes, too.
The pet forms of this name are Luly (loo-lee) and Lula (loo-luh) which I think are beautiful.
I do like this name, but I don't like it pronounced lords. I think it is much nicer lord-ess. However, if I were to name a kid that, I'd fear they'd be called lords, and it just reminds me too much of god.
If this is an English and Spanish name, why is it pronounced and spelled in French? Isn't it used in France, too?
So the pronunciation is "LUWRDZ" (as in rhyming with "words")? I'd rather it be pronounced "LOR-dess", but oh well.
Even though Lourdes should be pronounced "LUWRD", I have only heard it pronounced "LUWR-dess".
This is my mom's name, and I really like it. She is very very nice, and I love her.
I very much like this name! And I would consider using it someday. I also like the pronunciation "Lordz".
Can also be pronounced Lor-dayce or Lor-dess.
Madonna´s daughter is called Lourdes Maria.

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