My great grandfather's older brother who died in a house fire during the Depression, was named Lowell.
I don't think it's very good name for a girl. Meh.
I love that name for boys. I hope it stays that way.
It's been a name for males for generations. It might be a try for females if they choose to at their own time.
Possibly named after Lowell, Massachusetts.
I love this name, it is my name.
Bearers include Lowell Thomas (1892-1981), the author who made the story of Lawrence of Arabia known.
The name Lowell was given to 45 boys born in the US in 2015.
It has long been known/said that the Vanderbilts only talked with the Astors, the Astors only spoke with the Rockefellers, who only spoke to the Lowells, who only spoke to G-d. (hehe).
Prince Marth's from Fire Emblem supposedly last name.
I pronounce this name loo-elle.
I think this name is absolutely wonderful. Lowell happens to be one of my favorite names. It is very masculine sounding but not too rough. This name makes me think of a nice well-behaved young lad.
My grandfather, father and brother all have this name and I consider it a very handsome name. I cannot picture this name being suitable for a girl.
This is a boys name! Please don't name your daughter this!
I love this for a girl! What a great idea.
This is the last name of poet Amy Lowell.
It's listed as masculine but I think it would also be a nice strong name for a girl. There are lots of feminine nicknames for it: Loe, Lowie, Lovey, Wellie. I had a duck named Lowell that we called Wellie, like the Britishism for rain boots.
This is a nice name. I always find it hard to find boy's names I like but this is a great name.

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