Although this name is mostly masculine, it would be a beautiful name for a Hungarian female.
"LOO-TSAW" in Hungarian. [noted -ed]
Apparently also a Slovene short form of Lucija:
While I understand Luca can also be used as a female name, I solely associate it as a male name and think it looks and sounds off on a female.
Hungarian pronunciation: LUW-tsaw.
I think the name Luca is nicer for a girl. On a boy, I think it sounds too femenine. It can also be used (on a girl) as a pet form of Laurence, Lucilla or Lucania. Luca May has a nice ring to it.
Also a feminine name in Croatia, quite common, where it is a short form of Lucija. Variant form is Luce. [noted -ed]
Pronounced LOO-tsah in Croatian. [noted -ed]
My little niece is named Luca. It is a very sweet name. It's pronounced as Lutza, not eaxctly, but that's the closest I can come describing it. It's a cute name in Hungarian for little girls and also in English/German/Italian for little boys.
Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli have a daughter named Luca Bella (born 1997). She also has two younger siblings, Lola Ray and Fiona Eve.
It's pronounced loo-tza in Hungarian.
Luca Gadjus is a German fashion model. She has done quite a few big campaigns, like Prada.

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