Lucetta Scaraffia (1948-) is an Italian journalist, historian and associate history professor.
It's pretty in the Italian pronunciation, but the English pronunciation makes it sound very frilly.
I think you might want to consider adding the usage of "Italian" to this name, because it really is a genuine Italian given name. -etta is a legitimate Italian diminutive suffix and Lucetta has been used as a diminutive (perhaps mostly in an informal sense) for both Luce and Lucia. In other words: the name is not solely an invented name by Shakespeare.

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Lucetta is so pretty and cutesy--its bordering on sickeningly sweet. I prefer Lucette, which sounds much more mature without the extra-girly "etta" suffix.
Pronounced loo-chey'-ta in Italian.
This is a cool name.
I find Lucetta both ineffably darling and insurmountably dignified.
Mostly 19th century use.

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