Luciana Maria Arrighi AM (born 1940) is a Brazilian-born, Australian-raised, Italian production designer. She won an Oscar for the film Howards End in the category Best Art Direction. She went on to study painting in Italy and she has also worked in costume design in theatre and opera, including with Vienna State Opera, Opera Australia and The Royal Opera, Covent Garden.
Luciana Castellina (born 9 August 1929) is an Italian journalist, writer, politician, and feminist. She was president of Italia cinema, an agency to promote Italian films abroad, from 1998 to 2003. Castellina was named an Officier in the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and a Comendadora (Commander) of the Republic of Argentina.
So beautiful.
Such a beautiful name!
In my top 3 girl's names (also Liberty and Daisy).
My best friend is called Luciana (pronounced Loo-chee-ana). We call her Luci (loo-chee) for short.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Also used in Slovene:
Also Corsican. You'll find bearers on social media.
Also Romanian: [noted -ed]
Beautiful and rare.
This is such a pretty name, especially when pronounced the Italian way! It also seems like the type of name that will never get old.
This is sorta like my name Lucina. I like it- I wouldn't use it though since my name is so close to it.
Also Occitan: (Source: Institut d'études occitanes)
This might seem a bit weird to you but my dog is called Luciana. We call her Luci for short. It's pronounced LOO-SEE-ANNA.
Luciana Salazar is a singer, model and actress. Salazar started her career as a model at the age of four, when she shot her first television commercial. As a teenager, she began to work as a model in Buenos Aires and began to take dancing and singing classes.
Luciana Angiolillo is an Italian former actress and model. She is sometimes credited as Luciana Angelillo. Born Luciana Nevi in Rome, Angiolillo started her career as a runway model. She made her film debut thanks to the friendship of Ennio Flaiano, who suggested her to the director Luciano Emmer for the role of an upper class lady in Camilla. From then she appeared in a number of films, often in stereotypical roles of snobbish bourgeois ladies. Gradually relegated to secondary roles, Angiolillo eventually devoted herself to the direction of a fashion house owned by her.
Luciana Berger (born 1981) is a fairly prominent member of the British Parliament. Her middle name is Clare.
The name appears in Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. I believe in Renaissance English, this would have been pronounced as loo-SHAY-nah or loo-SHAH-nah. Compare to Georgiana which was pronounced as (jor-JAY-nah) in Renaissance and certain dialects of modern British English.
I love this name. Here in Brazil it's pronounced loo-cee-uh-nuh, and we consider it as a combination of Lucia + Ana. I like names like Luciana, Juliana, Mariana...
Pretty, but common.
Very, very, beautiful name. I like it pronounced (Loo-CHEE-ah-nah).
In Italy Luciana was overused in the second quarter of the 20th century. It was the 5th most popular name in Rome in 1926 (behind Maria, Silvana, Maria Luisa and Liliana) and 1931 (behind Maria, Annamaria, Marisa and Anna), 10th in 1936, 7th in 1941 and 9th in 1946. Today it is hardly ever used.
Singer Anna K.'s real name is Luciana Krecarová. She was born on 4th January, 1966, Špindlerův Mlýn.
On "Barbie As The Island Princess", Princess Luciana (not played by Barbie) almost married Prince Antonio. Princess Luciana was nice and she had brown hair.
Can also be said Loo-chee-ahna.
Beautiful name. It means "light."
I pronounce Luciana "Loo-see-ana".
Luciana Abreu is a Portuguese actress/singer.
Luciana Bozan is Matt Damon's wife's name.
The Portuguese pronunciation is loo-SYAH-nah.
In Portuguese the right pronunciation is Loo-cee-uh-nuh.
Famous bearer: Luciana Paluzzi, Italian actress.
It is fake name of Esme in seventh book [by Lemony Snicket], please.
Also used in Romanian.

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