/lu.ˈsjɐ.nu/ in Portuguese
An awesome name, 10/10, PLEASE name your kid Luciano!
Luciano Salce (25 September 1922, in Rome – 17 December 1989, in Rome) was an Italian film director, actor and lyricist. His 1962 film "Le pillole di Ercole" was shown as part of a retrospective on Italian comedy at the 67th Venice International Film Festival. As a writer of pop music, he used the pseudonym Pilantra. During World War II, he was a prisoner in Germany. He later worked for several years in Brazil.
Luciano Canfora (born June 5, 1942 in Bari, Italy) is an Italian classicist and historian. Canfora obtained his first degree in Roman History in 1964 at Pisa University. He is currently Professor of Classics at the University of Bari. His specialty is ancient libraries and his book The Vanished Library about Library of Alexandria has been translated into some 15 languages. He has also published a history of democracy under the title La Democrazia: Storia di un'Ideologia (Bari, 2004). Since 1975, he has edited the periodical Quaderni di storia. Canfora stood in the 1999 European Parliament election for the Party of Italian Communists.
Luciano Vassallo (15 August 1935; born in Asmara, Eritrea) is a former Ethiopian footballer of Eritrean and Italian origin. He is known for his skill, and mostly for his volleys, free kicks and penalties. He played professionally with Saint-George SA along with his brother Italo.
Luciano Canepari (born 19 January 1947 in Venice) is a professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Venice. He received his academic training at that university. He developed a phonetic transcription system called canIPA [kaˈniːpa], based on the official IPA. The canIPA consists of 500 basic, 300 complementary and 200 supplementary symbols. It is a work in progress, intended to permit the transcription of all world languages in more exact detail than the official IPA.
Luciano Berio, Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI (October 24, 1925 – May 27, 2003) was an Italian composer. He is noted for his experimental work (in particular his 1968 composition Sinfonia and his series of virtuosic solo pieces titled Sequenza) and also for his pioneering work in electronic music.
2p! Italy's human name in Hetalia.
This is my father's name and I love it! Very masculine name, popular amongst Italian families. I hope to name my future son Luciano.
The meaning of the name Luciano is "Light".
"Lucky Luciano" was the nickname of the famous Italian gangster Salvatore Lucania a.k.a Charlie Luciano.
Famous bearer: Luciano Pavarotti, Italian opera singer.

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