Nice. I think Lucie was the name of a Beatrix Potter character, so it sounds youthful and vintage.
Lucie Idlout (born Tatanniq Lucie d'Argencourt), a Canadian singer/songwriter from Iqaluit, Nunavut.
I'm a Lucie, although my name was originally spelt Lucy when I was born. At 5 I decided I liked Lucie better (I think I read Mrs Tiggywinkle) and started using that spelling, and I've spelt it this way ever since (I'm 36 now). It's nice to be a little different, but it does get misspelt all the time.
I really like Lucy spelled either way, but the -ie spelling is very pretty indeed and you don’t see it very often, so it’s very refreshing to meet a Lucie. On the rare occasion I do, I always think she’s blessed with a beautiful name. And never met a mean one either.
Lucie Herondale from The Last Hours series by Cassandra Clare. I love this name! Much better than Lucy, and I love Lucie Herondale. Plus, it's a great nickname for Lucia, which I also love.
I love love Lucie! I love Lucy too, very much, but I think Lucy is more boring than Lucie because it's seen everywhere, it's just so normal, it's also shorter in spelling than Lucie and I tend to like longer names. For all those reasons, I slightly prefer Lucie over Lucy. This spelling just looks a bit better. I also tend to like Lu- names in general, so I like the idea of a Lucia, Lucinda, Lucetta or Luciana, Lucille or anything along these lines being nicknamed to Lucie. Or maybe even names like Lucretia or Lucasta?
The standard Polish form of Lucie is Łucja/Lucja, but in July 2017, there were 12 women named Lucie in the Polish population.
Spelling used by Lucie Arnaz (b.1951), daughter of Lucille Ball.
Really, really, really nice version of Lucy and good nickname for somebody named Lucia. I prefer Lucie more than Lucy! Love Lucie!
Lucie Bethan Jones is a Welsh singer, actress, and model. Jones first came to prominence while competing on series 6 of The X Factor UK in 2009, where she finished eighth. She will represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, with the song "Never Give Up on You".
I think it is cuter than Lucia or Lucy to me.
The name Lucie was given to 158 girls born in the US in 2015.
Lucie is also an English variant of the name Lucy.
The name Lucie was pretty popular in France in the early 20th century, but became less common in the 50's and remained that way until the 90's, when it received a comeback. It has since become more popular than ever.
The name Lucie was given to 163 baby girls born in the US in 2012. I prefer Lucy.
Lucie was the main character in "The Tale Of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle" By Beatrix Potter.
Lucie Mysliveckova- Czech Ice Dancer.
I like this spelling much better than "Lucy." It just looks more sophisticated I think. Very pretty name.
Lucie Krausová is a fictional character from movies "Lucie, postrach ulice" and "...a zase ta Lucie!". She was played by Žaneta Fuchsová.
Lucie Hornofová, model
Lucie Vondráčková, actress and singer
Lucie Kryštof, model
Lucie Melichar, model
Lucie Borhy, moderator
Lucie Chlumská, singer, actress and dancer
Lucie Černíková, actress
Lucie Kovaříková, traveller
Lucie Topolánek-Talmanová, politician
Lucie Šafářová, tennis player
Lucie Váchová, model
A famous bearer is DJ Lucca, a real name is Lucie Kvasnicová.
I think Lucie Manette ruined the impression for me.
I adore Lucie as a nickname for Lucetta.
Famous bearers:
Writers Lucie Konečná and Lucie Konášová.
Atress Lucie Laurier, born 19 March 1975, Greenfield Park, Québec, Canada.
Pronounced as "Loo-tsi:ye".
I absolutely adore Lucie. It is simple and elegant. And I think it ages better than Lucy and I dislike Lucia.
Czech pronunciation is "Loo-tsia" (short -oo-).
Trance DJ Laydee Jane´s real name is Lucie Králová.
Lucie Manette is a character in Charles Dicken's novel "A Tale of Two Cities."
This is better looking than 'Lucy'.
The singer Lucie Silvas. The fresh song "Meme Si (What You Are Made Of)", which she performs with Gregory Lemarchal, is very nice!

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