Means "giver of light."
Lucien Greaves is the pseudonym of the co-founder and spokesperson of The Satanic Temple, a non-theistic religion and activist group.
Anybody saying that Lucien can be a girl's name is very skilled at pulling the name trend off very well. Us females are so good at pulling a masculine name off just by bearing the name. Most feminine names wouldn't be able to be pulled off very easily by males, not even traditional boy names that switch to girl names only like Madison or Lindsey, especially Shirley! Just one of that, "girls are better than boys" characteristic categories! All males should have masculine male names rarely unisex, but females can have feminine or masculine names even if it's so popular for boys. A girly girl could have the name Mason, and a tomboy could have the name Sophia, but no male should have any feminine girly name. I wouldn't say all males should have strong male names myself! There could be a guy named Emily or Ashley or even TIANA! Though society agreed that, all males should have masculine names only, but females can have feminine or masculine names, since a girl with a name like Sophia is normal, or Michael as her name is cute and unique. And a boy with a name like Michael is suitable, but the name Sophia on a boy is just terrible. There are also unisex names that all suit girls better in the majority's opinion and a lot of unisex names can't be masculine anymore. I don't think there is one name out there that wouldn't suit a female, there are a lot of names that can't suit a male. Though male names might sound cute on girls and they bear those names as strong or soft women tomboy or girly, names like Antonio can't become as unisex as Taylor. It still originates as masculine and it will remain so. It's not like every girl will have a boy's name, otherwise it's not unique, it's trendy. There will always be females as the years go on with feminine names like Christine. Personally, I like Lucien/Lucian better for a boy but on a girl it's fine. Just pair it up with something feminine like Marie or Elizabeth, especially if it's the grandmother's first name, then she will be named after her grandmother, LOL! For a girl I prefer Lucy or other feminine versions of the masculine counterpart.
Lucien Martin was a Canadian violinist, conductor, and composer. Only one of his compositions was published, the art song La Chanson des belles, which was performed by Jeanne Desjardins in its premiere on the CBC Radio program Sérénade pour cordes.
Lucien Dodge is an American voice actor, notable for voicing Zoisite in the new English dub of Sailor Moon.
Lucien Bouchard is a Canadian lawyer, diplomat, politician. He was the founder of the Bloc Québécois, Leader of the Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons from 1993 to 1996, and the 27th Premier of Quebec from 1996 to 2001.
This is my favourite boy name!
Lucien Prival (1901-94) was a Hollywood actor.
He is said to have played the saloon keeper/bartender in "High Noon" (1952) but that claim is confusing - it's confusing because if you watch the movie carefully you'll note that "Joe" is the man who opens the saloon and the other saloon keeper/bartender is later also addressed as "Joe". It seems Lucien Prival played the first Joe referred to (who had no speaking role) and that the second "Joe" referred to (who had a quite big speaking role and might actually have been called Gillis on the script!) was played by Larry J. Blake.
(There were many actors in "High Noon" who were uncredited - rather strange and seemingly very unfair!)
Lucien Wolf (1857-1930) was a famous British writer.

Lucien Blake is a fictional Australian police doctor of the 1950s/60s who features in the very popular television drama series "Dr Blake Mysteries" - he's played by actor Craig McLachlan.

(Great name - I wanted to name my son this but went with a safer option instead).
Lucien Cramp is one of the main characters in The Cramp Twins.
The name Lucien was very popular from about 1900 to 1960 in France, after which it received a decline that lasted until the 90's. It is becoming more and more popular, making a considerable comeback.
This name is not supposed to be for girls. There is a feminine form, Lucienne.
Awesome name! It suits all ages and I think the 'e' looks more pleasant than an 'a'.
Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840), younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte.
This is a cool name! It's not an over-used name, but it's not weird sounding either. I really like it.
Such a strong name! I love it.
Lucien Knight is the hero in Galean Foleys novel Lord of Ice and is part of the knight miscellany.
(I love this name, it's so ruggedly handsome for a guy and nice for a girl also but predominantly for a boy).
I think both this spelling and Lucian can be pronounced either LOO-shen or LOO-see-en.
Pronounced "li-SYAHN".
I think it's pronounced "loo-SYAHN". The "n" is very slight, almost silent.
Lucien, the librarian in Dream's realm in The Sandman comics.

I like this name, I wonder what middle name would sound good with it. Also, how do you pronounce it? Loose-ien or 'Loosh-ien'? One of the characters in Sandman calls Lucien 'Loosh', but can you say it the other way?
Well I like the name because it is mine but it could also be for females because I am a female and have that name. Sounds cools for girls too.
Lucien Lachance is the name of a character in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. He is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, and a crucial part of the game.
I love this name! It's such a sophisticated sounding name. I think if I ever have a son, his name will be Lucien.
I LOVE this of my very favorites! I prefer this spelling over 'Lucian' because I think it looks more masculine.

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