Not bad, but I prefer Lucile, or even Lucille.
It's lovely.
Also Hungarian: --- mention Lucilla
I love the name Lucilla. I think it’s prettier than Lucille or Lucia. I think a great nickname would be either Lucy or Cilla.
Cilla could be a nickname for Lucilla.
Annia Aurelia Galeria Lucilla was the daughter of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and Roman empress (due to marriage with Lucius Verus). She was executed by the Roman emperor Commodus.
Italian pronunciation is loo-CHEEL-lah.
It's my daughter's name. We pronounce it Loo-SEE-yah.

Her nickname is Luci. She likes the name & often gets compliments.
This is a beautiful and elegant name!
In 1844 an anonymous lady author, who had also written "Happy Hours With Mamma", published a book called " '"Lucilla Hartley: or, Discipline illustrated; a narrative founded on occurrences in real life" - it was described as "A pleasing little story, intermingled with various sorts of information, as conveyed by some young ladies to their teacher. The characters are fictitious, but many of the incidents and anecdotes real."
In Italy, it is pronounced loo-CHE-la.
Lucilla is the the eponymous heroine of Margaret Oliphant's novel, "Miss Marjoribanks".
The usual spelling in Spanish is Lucila. [noted -ed]
This name is really growing on me lately. It sounds feminine and classy and I think it would age well.
Lucilla was the name of Connie Nielson's character in the brilliant movie "Gladiator".

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