It's a nice enough name, but it reminds me too much of Luigi from the movie 'Cars' and the Super Mario game. I don't even play that game but the association is still strong.
Luigi from the Super Mario series."That's mama Luigi to you, Mario!" - Super Mario World: The Animated Series, 1991.
Lol this is one of my favourite names, because I absolutely l o v e the Mario character!
With 803 045 bearers, Luigi is the 8th most common masculine given name in Italy (2014 Data).Source:
"Oh no!" Luigi says that in the Mario & Luigi games. All relations set aside, I love this name! I prefer it to Louis, and I love the name Mario as well.
Sounds like that friend who accomplishes things by doing nothing(This is a joke)
Also Corsican:
The most italian-sounding name ever.
Mario is pronounced the same in both English and Spanish, but Luigi is pronounced Loo-ee-hee instead of Loo-ee-jee in Spanish because all the J sounds in loanwords become H sounds.
Luigi Lucheni (1873–1910) was an Italian anarchist infamous for assassinating Empress Elisabeth ("Sisi/Sissi") of Austria. He was sentenced to life in prison for his crime, and committed suicide after serving twelve years. A fictionalized version of Lucheni is the narrator of Elisabeth das Musical, a German-language musical depicting Elisabeth's life and death.
I can only think of Luigi from the Mario series when I hear this name.
41 baby boys born in the USA (2015) were given Luigi.
Unfortunately this name is firmly an Italian name, and sounds peculiar on non-Italians. Shame, though. It's a very fun name, and isn't hard to pronounce.
Louis Bonaparte, a younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, was named Luigi when in Corsica, when most Corsicans were facing the onslaught of French rule.
When I hear this name I think of pizza. I think the name is quite a cliché.
If I ever met a Luigi in real life, I would assume he had a brother called Mario. Both names remind me of Super Mario Bros.
Luigi Largo is a character in the rock opera, Repo! The Genetic Opera. He is a psychopathic son of Rotti Largo, the owner and founder of GeneCo.
Two great Italian composers -Luigi Cherubini and Luigi Boccherini.
It's okay, but it's a little dull as far as Italian names go. The Mario character pops into my head first, and next the Mario music starts playing. Although it would be funny if someone named twin boys Mario and Luigi.
The pronunciation is loo-EE-jee. [noted -ed]
Luigi from The Super Mario Bros! Hehe this is such a classic name; a name I grew up and associated with Mario and Princess Toadstool. It's a nice name, but I can't see my child grow up with this name. Someone else's kid, sure go ahead, this is a cool name!
I've heard this name also pronounced, besides the usual lu-e-jee, lu-e-zhe ("zh" being like the way j is pronounced in French, and the "s" in Asian). :>
This name's fun to say for some reason. It might be partially because I like the Mario Bros. character, but I think Luigi's a great name. :)
I wouldn't choose it for my kid though, because it's too Italian. Not to sound racist, but it just doesn't fit a non-Italian very well.
Luigi is the name of the little '59 Fiat 500 in the Pixar movie "Cars." He owns a tire shop in Radiator Springs. He is voiced by Tony Shalhoub.
Luigi Pirandello (June 28, 1867 - December 10, 1936) was an Italian dramatist, novelist, and short story writer awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1934.
Luigi is the green man from Nintendo games.

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