My name is Lyla, and I want to clear some things up. I DON'T GET BULLIED FOR MY NAME! The only person who has ever bullied me was my older brother, and that was just because he is my brother, not because my name is bad. No one bullies Gayles because their name starts with gay! Anyway, I love my name. :)
This is one of my favorite names! I have a best friend named Lyla and I love the name! Looking at all of the comments about this name saying that they don't want someone with the word "Lie" in it, I honestly don't get those people. This name is my personal favorite name and I wouldn't change it for anything!
I’m sorry but I have to agree with the “lie” thing. That’s really the only potential nn. I could see teasing.. “lie a lot”.
My name is Lyla and I personally think it is beautiful. In Arabic it means “night” or “dark princess”. No one calls me Lie or Ly. I am just Lyla. Someone said that they don’t trust anyone with the name Lyla and that is very hurtful. I don’t have control over what my parents call me and my name doesn’t shape who I am. My dad liked it because of the Oasis song “Lyla” and my mom liked it because of a book character she liked when she was a kid. I am not a “Poor Child” for having this name. It is a very pretty name.
I find this to be a really pretty name, and saying you don't like the name because "lie" is in it is just unnecessarily negative, to be honest.
Cute and pretty!
Love this spelling.
I don’t like the name Lyla. It just makes me think of someone who lies! Because it’s like LIE-LA.
This looks a bit trendy.

I much prefer Lila (which can be pronounced LEE-la or LY-la depending on its origin, it is used in many cultures).

By the way Leila, Laila and Layla are pronounced as LY-la in many non-English speaking countries because the "ai", "ei", "ay" combinations produces an EYE sound. In German Leila and Laila are pronounced LY-la. Layla is LY-la usually, but sometimes LAY-la because people know the Clapton song.

In English speaking countries Layla is LAY-la from what I have experienced.
Nickname “Lie”?! No thank you!
Meh. There are a lot prettier names!
I think my name is beautiful because it is the name Lyla, yes Lyla.
I prefer Myla.
I too, do not trust anyone whose name starts with LIE. The only potential nickname for this name is “Lie”. Awful!
Please don’t name a child something with the potential nickname “Lie”!
"LIE"la? Just no.. don't do this to a poor child!
All names beginning with L are beautiful.
Absolutely hate all names that starts with “lie”.
I hate the name. I used to not like my name, but now I see that people have such bad names like this, I think my name is better now.
My name is Lyla and I love the name. Not just because it is my name but because I do think it is a wonderfully beautiful name.
Not a fan. Just over this name- way too trendy the last few years. I know several who have ruined this name for me.
My friend is named Lyla and I do not mind it. I personally like the name and would give a pet or child this name.
It can ALSO be a feminine form of LYLE.
Super cute and pretty.
Looks like a feminine variation of Lyle.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lyla who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 238th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name is also Lyla and I love my name, it's just so unique and I've only ever met someone with my name when I was 9. My parents named me after the band 'Oasis' came out with a new song called 'Lyla' and my Dad loved it so they decided to name me Lyla and I'm glad. My name is pronounced LIE-lah like many others and I think my name suits my appearance and personality very well. Although it's hard to find key rings in gift shops with my name on it.
My name is Lyla. I was named after my great aunt. Our name is pronounced LIE-Luh. To me the spelling and pronunciation of my name fits but people like to pronounce it lay-Luh or lee-Luh which I don't get because the other spellings of it, like if it was spelled Leila, that would be pronounced Leeluh and Layla or Laila would be lay-luh, Lila would be pronounced lih-luh where the I is short. I love my name. :)
I like this spelling of Lie-luh. It's got a southern flare to it;) I like Lila too but with a daughter named Lillian, Lila is too similar. If I choose this name we'll go with Lyla.
I named my daughter Lyla in 2008. I had never heard of it before and I fell in love with it. I thought I had actually come up with it lol. Not until I heard it on "Son's of Anarchy" is when I realized it's not that obscure.
Lyla is good for a dog, but this spelling looks a little trendy/youthful to me. I prefer Leila or Lila if you want "LIE-la", maybe even Laila. My personal favorite is Leila.
Variant of Leila? I thought Lyla was a feminine form of Lyle - a totally separate name?
Lyla means "night" in Hebrew.
Lyla is really more popular than Lila? Well I guess it fits in with the "y" fad... Lyla, I think, is a beautiful name, but I definitely prefer the spelling "Lila". I think it looks better written out, plus "y"'s seem more trendy.
If you want to pronounce it LIE-luh, go with this spelling. Layla is LAY-luh. I like either spelling with their respective pronunciations, but I prefer Lyla.

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