This looks very creative, Lindsay is better.
Atrocious, kreeatyv spelling of Lindsay.
My mum is called Lyndsay, I think it's strange how many variations there are.
Lyndsay is my name, and my dad also got the name from a mug. I like my name cos it is different and I think it sounds nice.
My name is Lyndsay and all I can tell you is that every person I've ever met has had a different spelling for it.
The only thing I ever found (after searching all my life!) with this name spelled this way was a mug. It said:"To a flood of troubles a definite highland,
To a friend in need a welcome island."I've also heard that it means "Isle by the Linden tree".
To the Lyndsay who wrote the first comment...I understand your struggle all too well. It is so nice to find the spelling correct.

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