What exactly is this?

At first I thought it was a terrible misspelling of Lindsay but the longer I look at it the more I am wondering if it might be some obscure place name (reminds me of Swansea). But nothing came up on google so I guess it is indeed just a misspelling.
Atrocious, horribly trendy-looking spelling of Lindsay. It makes it look as if the parents couldn't spell. Also, this name is going to be misspelled so many times and is not going to look good on a resume.
Atrocious spelling. Not creative or unique at all. Just makes you look like you can't spell.
I actually like this spelling quite a bit. As a Lyndsey by birth, I would much prefer my name if it were spelled like this. It would have the same problems of my own spelling (namely that other people would never spell it right) but the "sea" ending looks a lot nicer than "sey." It looks almost romantic, which is something I never would have considered for my name.
This name looks so strange and ditzy. Spellings like this won't age well in my opinion.
This is the closest spelling that "Behind The Name" has to my favorite spelling of the name, Lynsea. I already like the sound of Lindsay/Lindsey, but I love the idea of making the last syllable "sea". However, I think the 'd' in this name is a bit much, which is why I've added Lynsea to this site.

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