It could also be used as a short form of Gwendolynette or Lilynette.
It's beautiful and wonderful! Love it!
I really like this name. I think it is one of the prettiest there is.
Looks kind of tacky.
I was named Lynette because my father was named Arthur. My parents apparently liked the King Arthur association. I am nearing my 59th birthday. I always liked my name. It does get mispronounced and misspelled, but that never phased me. It is unique and special. I never wanted to be called Lynn or Nettie as some people tried to do. I never shared my name with anyone in my school days or at work. I hope I inspire someone to name their daughter Lynette.
Very beautiful.
This is a beautiful name.
So, this is my name. Interesting comments. I came to dislike it in high school and I am just now (eons later) trying to get around my distaste for the sound. My mother liked it! And my dad used to call me his singing bird of India (linnet). I like to think of it as little lyn, which is something like a river or a waterfall - as in Brooklyn.
Lynette Long is a retired licensed psychologist, high school mathematics teacher, school principal, the clinical director of an in-patient drug rehabilitation center, college professor and talk show radio host. She has published more than twenty books and dozens of articles and has written two award winning plays. A math education expert, she is particularly interested in the math achievement of young girls. She is most notably known for coining the phrase "latchkey children" with her husband Thomas Long and writing the bestselling "Handbook for Latchkey Children and Their Working Parents." She is also known for her volunteer work as President and Founder of the not-for-profit: Equal Visibility Everywhere. During the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary, Long served as the Volunteer Florida State Organizer for Hillary Clinton. Long is an American Feminist and contributor to the Feminist Movement in the United States.
This is the name of my great-grandmother, who was born in 1924. So, her name was pretty uncommon when she was born. Throughout her life she was a down-to-earth, caring, and extroverted soul. She always wanted to try everything, and her relationship with her husband is called by my relatives as "extremely loving." She was very religious, and was an active member of her parish. Before she retired in the 1980's she worked as a nurse and headed some local nurse organizations.

So, because such an awesome woman had this name, it leaves a good impression on me.
The name Lynette was given to 96 girls born in the US in 2015.
Lynette was given to 77 baby girls in the USA (2014).
Lynette is the middle name of Princess Charlene of Monaco. It's also her mother's name.
Really pretty, but really uncommon. Sad.
Dear... People,
I am sorry but I really don't like this name too much.
I really don't like Lyn or Lynn alone, but with -ette added I really just don't like it... Once again, I apologize. I AM GIVING MY OPINION, so don't badmouth me...
I like it. Not trendy, but pretty and simple. I also love the poetry of Tennyson, and he used this name in a famous long poem of his.
Lynette Bishop from the Japanese anime "Strike Witches" bears this name. Her nickname is "Lynne," and she was based off of one of Billy Bishop's (famous British-Canadian WWII pilot) children.
I only know about this name because of the character Lynette from Desperate Housewives. She's strong-minded and independent, but a bit controlling and that's the personality I've come to associate this name with.
I think Lynette is a nice change from Lynn(e). It has more personality than Lynn(e) so I think it could be used as a first name or middle name.

I have also seen a variant, Lynetta.
The name is probably a variant of "Linet" used by Sir Thomas Malory in his Le Morte D'Arthur. Linet was a young woman who rode to King Arthur's court to seek help from the Knights of the Round Table for her older sister, Dame Lionesse. King Arthur's youngest nephew, Gareth (then known as Beaumains) undertook the quest. Linet later married Gareth's older brother Gaheris while Gareth married Lionesse.
I'm not completely sure if the name is of English origin because all other websites list LYNETTE as a Celtic name.
It is pretty! I like it lots! :)
The Lady Lynette was the damsel who verbally abused Sir Gaheris as he attempted to fulfill the quest that she had laid before King Arthur's court.
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme attempted to assassinated President Gerald R. Ford on September 5th, 1975. She had formerly been a member of Charles Mason's "family". She appears as a character in Stephen Sondheim's show "Assassins".
Fictional character in Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses. She is a nought, and after a terrible attack (won't go into details in case anyone is reading it!) goes slightly insane, and dies. She is a loving sister and a great person whom her family loves, and her name Lynette is lovely.
Lynette was used from 1930 to 1980.
Lynette is such a pretty name. Not overly used which is nice.
Connotation for the name Lynette means "pretty one".
Another variation: Lonnette (LA net). Female, born mid 1960's, American family of Norwegian descent.
Lynette is the name of a character on Desperate Housewives.

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