Terrible spelling. I can't believe that this spelling was so popular in the UK. It really looks like you heard Lindsay somewhere and didn't know how to spell it.
One bearer of this name is Lynsey de Paul, born Lyndsey Monckton Rubin, who was an English singer-songwriter (born in 1948, died in 2014). Her famous songs include "Sugar Me," "Getting A Drag" and "Won't Somebody Dance With Me."
As a result of Lynsey de Paul's chart successes in 1972 & 1973, the name increased in popularity in Britain and it continued to increase in popularity in the mid 1970s all the way to the mid 1980s before decreasing steadily after that.

According to the England & Wales Birth Index provided by Ancestry. Co. uk, 71 and 190 girls were born with the name Lynsey in 1972 and 1973 respectively compared to just 12 in 1971 (not counting entries that doesn't have a middle name or only has an initial in the first middle name).

This name was also used for boys, but in rare usage, where 6 boys were born with this name in 1972 & 1973 combined.
Such a unique, pretty name! It's gorgeous! :)
Terrible spelling because it's way too trendy to add the Lyn in the beginning. It should be Lindsay.
Ok, but Linsey is way better.

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