Pronounced my-KAY.
― Anonymous User  3/27/2019
I know a girl name Maaike. She pronounces it just like Micah (MIKE-uh). And like the previous user, no one knows how to pronounce it. She gets Make, MY-eek, Mike and lots of other things.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2012
Pronunciation of Maaike is MI:-ku.
marielleaster  2/3/2008
I went to school with a girl named Maaike, who pronounced it MIKE-uh. The only problem was that anyone who didn't know her pronounced it completely wrong; usually it was something along the lines of MY-eek, MAY-kee, or MAY-ik-ah (or -ee).
trista  12/23/2006
Maaike is my name, And I'm really proud of it! It's a very clear name I think.
Skythedragon  10/14/2006
This seems very close to Majken, which is used in Sweden. Same there, it is a diminute form of Maria, says in my Swedish name books that it comes from the German Mariken.
― Anonymous User  1/24/2006
Maaike is derived from the Frisian (north of the Netherlands) name: Maria, the English Mary. Although it is not a common name, it is typical in that it ends with the "ke" sound as do a large number of names, both male and female (Anne is not an uncommon name for boys here, with the pronuniation of the second syllable).

For those struggling to remember the pronunciation of the name, a reference to Mike can be helpful ("the female version of Mike"!) I have noticed that with English-speaking people, it is typical to change the pronunciation to MIKA, instead of the correct ending as in the final sound of the word "comma".
maaike  1/12/2005

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