Allegedly also an archaic English diminutive of Thomasine:
It means cool.
I love the name! I love the way it's spelt - Macey - But I also love it spelt - Macy. Macey is such a great name and I would recommend it for a pet if you're not planning to name a human this name. I named my hamster Macey and it's so cute! But I believe Macey and a human's name would be so good. Hope this helps :)
Macey Hirst - A very cool person. Was an artist in 1960's. Her art has been sold for millions. She is an inspiration to me.
Pronounced May-See.
Macey Hensley. She is a seven-year-old Kansas native who is a presidential expert. She first appeared on the Ellen show. She is not only absolutely darling but she is also very mature and intelligent for her age. If she was of age and was running for president, I'd absolutely vote for her :D.
Macey was given to 246 girls in America in 2015.
Macey is my favorite spelling - super cute.
I like this spelling best as opposed to the store Macy. Macie is cute too! But Maci looks odd to me, misspelled.
Beautiful although I prefer the spelling Masey.
My little sister's name is Macey, and I've never ever come across any other Macey's (not even Macy's!) where I live. I think this is a very feminine, cute, and fresh name. It's great that not many people have it, that makes it unique and new. :) Without the 'e', it reminds me of the store Macy's, so I prefer the spelling with the e.
I have seen Macey as a last name.
I wish more people would use this name on girls and leave the masculine name Mason to the boys. ;)
I heard the name Macey and thought it was really pretty, I have all boys and am not having kids any more so when I got a bird I used that name for her.
In the ABC comedy "Hope & Faith", a young actress named Macey Cruthird stars and Hope Shanowsky's (Faith Ford) youngest daughter, Hayley Shanowsky.
I like Macy spelled without the E.

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