Pronounced nothing like "Mad-hooker"! The a is pronounced somewhere in-between the u in "mud" and the a in "father". Dh is like an aspirated d sound, and lastly, the a in -kar is the same as the a in the madhu-.

So, really, it is pronounced like Muh-too-kahr, with a little trill on the r at the end.
I think "Bee" is Madhu "mud-hu". Madhukar, well I'm not Indian but I don't think it's that. Yea, mad-hooker lol!
This does not give me a good picture in my head about somebody named this. Madeline -- OK, fine. But MadHUKAR?! They're going to be called crazy for the rest of their lives, and on the road to being a juvenile delinquent.

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