I prefer Madelyn or Madeleine.
MythicalCreature  4/1/2021
Prefer Madelyn, Madeleine, Magdalene, and Madeline.
Stars123457  4/1/2021
Madilyn Bailey.
namespanela78  1/9/2021
So many spellings of this name that was already overdone about 10 years ago!
― Anonymous User  9/28/2020
I prefer Madelyn.
Anders1234  7/17/2020
Weird spelling.
someone-  5/16/2020
Dang, my name is Madilyn and I’d like to believe I’m not a “trashy” person. Like daggum people are goin out of their way to say that the spelling Madilyn makes you trashy. You define who you are as a person, not your name. Like I’m pretty daggum sure my mom wasn’t like yea I’m gonna name her Madilyn so that she can grow up to be “trashy” and sell herself on the streets. Bro just own ur name like if it was spelled another way I’d be cool w that too.
madilynmitchel  4/20/2019
This spelling looks very weird.
Luvbug86  9/3/2018
I absolutely love this name and, just an idea, if you want to shorten it, why not use Linna instead of Maddy?
― Anonymous User  9/20/2017
I am a 50 something Madilyn. Growing up everyone was Nancy, Barb, Susan---all normal names with normal spellings. I was the only person I knew with a weird spelling of a name. My mom was named Marilyn and my grandma was Madeline. My mom combined the two and got Madilyn. Clever, yes but I hated growing up an only child with a weird name to boot. I have NEVER felt like my name and to this day I often don't turn around when someone is calling me. I am seriously thinking of legally changing my name to the traditional spelling MADELINE. I feel this is much classier, more dignified and would suit my personality better. I see that many little girls have the name Madilyn in 2016. Perhaps they won't mind as much as I did because it seems like so many people make up names and their spellings these days. They will not be alone at least. I am sure there will be a number of JaNile's, Treasure's, Sparkel's, Paislee's, Emarson's and Hailee's. I guess when you view it this way, Madilyn is not such a bad name after all.

PS I feel more like a Kate. Lol.
Madilyn  11/28/2016
Cute name.
mtwright02  7/29/2016
Personally, I think Madilyn is a beautiful name and the way it is spelled is PERFECT! I would definitely use this name- I love it so much.
Cleblanc15  4/28/2016
MADILYN IS A GREAT NAME. NAME YOUR KID MADILYN. NAME YOURSELF MADILYN. NAME YOUR ANIMAL MADILYN. It's totally different than Madeline, because Madeline is pronounced kinda like 'made a line', and Madilyn is pronounced like 'Mad a lynn'. I mean, that's how I pronounce them. Totally different. Plus, it's fun to see people try and spell your name! They'll always probably get it wrong. It's an excellent name. By the way- my name is not Madilyn if you were wondering. I am not saying this because the other reviews made me sad. Not at all.
Not a Madilyn  3/24/2015
Parents-to-be, Listen up.

This is not a variant of Madeleine. It is a butchering of a beautiful, classic name.

If you name your sweet, beautiful, innocent, deserving-of-a-decent name baby girl Madalyn, Madalynn, Madolyn, Maddilyn, etc THEN YOU ARE DOING HER NO FAVOURS. It is a trashy name. She -- and you by extension -- will appear uneducated, thick and illiterate by using a cre8tivve spelling. Don't you want your daughter to get a decent job one day? A mortgage? Respect from others? Then smarten up, people.

The name is Madeline or Madeleine. Period. If you cannot understand this, if it is beyond your comprehension, if you MUST inflect naming abuse on your beautiful child, then please check out Madyysin, Neveah, Roxie and Tiffannee and leave this timeless, beautiful, classic name the heck alone. I am serious. Very serious. You are ruining a timeless classic. You are ruining it for everybody!

To educated, cultured and discerning people of taste: reclaim this name from the unknown, detritus-strewn trailer parks of North America! Use Madeleine or Madeline. Lets reclaim it, once and for all.

Innocent little Madeleines everywhere thank you.

This has been a public service announcement for the Madeleine Naming Convention Preservation Society of North America (2015).
― Anonymous User  3/7/2015
Ugh. This looks like it would be pronounced maddie-lyn rather than mad-a-lyn. I love the name Madeleine (that's my favorite spelling personally) and I have learned to tolerate variants like Madelyn, Madalyn, and even Madelynn, but I just really don't like this. The whole pronunciation thing really isn't that big of a deal. Madeleine is the name of a type of food and there are various famous bearers, so many people are aware of how to say it. And if they say -line, who cares? All you have to do is correct them. And the -line pronunciation is actually really pretty in my opinion :)
― Anonymous User  7/22/2013
I prefer this spelling over Madeline and Madeleine because there's no question how it's pronounced. I think it's strong, feminine, and wholesome. It's also a nice step up from the masculine Madison which people seem to think looks good on girls.
MaggieHamFan  11/11/2011

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