This is in the category "unnecessary spellings that lack the charm of the names they derive from", and I say this without even liking Madeline, though it's better than Madlyn. The best spelling is Madeleine, a truly gorgeous name. Somehow, the extra "e" makes all the difference.
It seems madly in my opinion. I don't care for it. I prefer Magdalena though.
Sounds like "Mad Lyn".
People are gonna misspell it all the time.
Much prefer the traditional spelling Madeleine.
To Anonymous User from 3/7/2015:

I created an account just to speak to you. Since variations of Madeline have become so popular, I've been amused, seeing as my grandmother never really liked her "old-fashioned" name. I looked up the less common spelling of her name (Madlyn) to see if that particular variation had increased in popularity as well.

Seeing as she was born in 1924 (and lamented that she always had to correct the spelling of her name throughout her life), she'd probably get a kick to know that (according to you) her name isn't legit. Apparently, it's trendy! This is funny, seeing as she was named (spelling and all) after an Aunt, who was born a full generation before her!

Perhaps you should know that "Madlyn" is not as trendy as you seem to think. That spelling has not cracked into the top 1000 since 1923 (when it was #966--check the stats on this very site). The only other years it made it in the top 1, 000? 1922, 1915, and 1904. That hardly seems "trendy" to me.

If I were to choose to name my daughter after my beloved grandmother (I actually wouldn't, since she made it clear that it wouldn't please her--her name was so hopelessly old-fashioned, after all --according to her-- and she didn't want to saddle any of her great grandchildren with it), I find it rather insulting that someone like you would judge her on being on some sort of bandwagon of creative spelling. I'm not sure how new and creative it is since it goes back to the start of the last century.

Anyway, for everyone else, my grandmother did hate that there was no "a" in the middle of her name, forcing her to correct spellings and pronunciations. But, her nickname since childhood was "Mat," which I found really cool as a tomboyish girl growing up in the 80's when there were plenty of Matts in my class.

I did meet a girl a grade ahead of me with this name, which thrilled me, given my family connection. She was a little old-fashioned herself, and the name fit her well. It was the first time I saw it as classic and stylish instead of simply my grandmother's "old-fashioned" name.

Given the number of "lyn" names that are popular now, I think it's a cute name, that stands the test of time. And I still love the "Mat" nickname.
It's cute, makes me think of a sassy, temperamental woman. But that could be because of the word "mad."
Parents-to-be, Listen up.

This is not a variant of Madeleine. It is a butchering of a beautiful, classic name.

If you name your sweet, beautiful, innocent, deserving-of-a-decent name baby girl Madalyn, Madalynn, Madolyn, Maddilyn, etc THEN YOU ARE DOING HER NO FAVOURS. It is a trashy name. She -- and you by extension -- will appear uneducated, thick and illiterate by using a cre8tivve spelling. Don't you want your daughter to get a decent job one day? A mortgage? Respect from others? Then smarten up, people.

The name is Madeline or Madeleine. Period. If you cannot understand this, if it is beyond your comprehension, if you MUST inflect naming abuse on your beautiful child, then please check out Madyysin, Neveah, Roxie and Tiffannee and leave this timeless, beautiful, classic name the heck alone. I am serious. Very serious. You are ruining a timeless classic. You are ruining it for everybody!

To educated, cultured and discerning people of taste: reclaim this name from the unknown, detritus-strewn trailer parks of North America! Use Madeleine or Madeline. Lets reclaim it, once and for all.

Innocent little Madeleines everywhere thank you.

This has been a public service announcement for the Madeleine Classic Naming Convention Preservation Society of North America (2015)
Madlyn Davis, also known as "Red Hot Shakin' Davis", was an American classic blues singer active in the 1920's.
I love it, and I love the unique spelling. People are way too touchy with names that are quote-un-quote "Misspelled." You can't misspell names, in my opinion.
I love this name! Its so old world celtic style. Im getting ready to name our baby this. Ill spell it differently but gotta keep the family name going! Madlyn is a beautiful name and it's not all used up in the states. Who cares how you spell it if its nice sounding name the go for it! Madlyn mae:) how come madilee or matlee isn't here?
Because 'madilee' and 'matlee' aren't real names, dear.
It sounds similar to (or identical to, probably, if you have a particular accent) "maudlin"--meaning excessively sentimental; weak and silly--and has "mad" in it, as in "insane" If you like a Madeline sort of name, just pick Madeline, so at least it won't end up tacky and dated.

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