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Listen to the French pronunciation of Maëlys here:
Thalia  1/17/2014
According to Meilleurs Prénoms, the name Maëlys is a combination of Maëlle and Maylis. Maylis means "Mary of the Lily" (Marie à la fleur de lys). [noted -ed]
Kate  12/27/2012
Maëlys is not a legit Breton name. The feminine form of Mael (without the dots that don't exist in Breton language) is Maela.

Maëlys is a modern elaboration of Mael, inspired by another regional name: Mailys. [noted -ed]
lillinparadise  10/30/2012
The name is pronounced "mayl-EESE".

It's masculine form, Mael, is pronounced "MAYL", the feminine equivalent, Maelle is pronounced "May-LUH", and Maelys, as stated above, is "mayl-EESE" - two syllables.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2010
I don't know who the heck that anonymous user is, but he/she is completely ignoring the fact that there is a diaeresis/umlaut (two-dotted accent) over the 'e', thus it is pronounced separately and there is no diphthong between the 'a' and the 'e'.

The masculine name MAËL is pronounced MAH-el. The feminine name MAËLLE is pronounced mah-EL, with greater emphasis on the second syllable. The variant MAËLYS is pronounced mah-el-EES.
erb816  8/22/2010
Pronounced mah-ay-LEES!
LilyDeParis  4/18/2007
Pronounced My-ee-LEEZ.
TheLastMontague  4/7/2007

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