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In Ireland, there is a fada on the e, making the pronunciation of Mairéad, ma-rade. In Scottish Gaelic there is no fada, or srac as we call it, so the pronunciation is something close to MY-redt, because the accented syllable in Gaelic is always the first one. It is the same name as the one from Ireland, just pronounced differently.
Quro  1/16/2017
I decided to do a search of my own name, which is Mairead. It is not Scottish. Wikipedia is incorrect and it has thoroughly confused Scottish Gaelic with Irish Gaelic. Mairead is Irish Gaelic for Margaret. To the best of my knowledge, Morag is the Scottish Gaelic for Margaret, although there may be other translations. Mairhead has made the leap from Ireland to Scotland, true, but the name Mairead originated in Ireland in the Middle Ages. The pronunciation is either MerrAide or MyrrAide. I prefer the former as it is softer.
emjay99  10/9/2014
I know a woman (American) who named her daughter this and pronounces it may-read.
nansee  5/11/2010
Mairead Nesbitt is one of the members of Celtic Woman, and she's incredible when it comes to playing the violin.
Arcticwarrior  5/9/2009
It's pronounced mar-ADE, just like the first comment says.
Aqua  5/6/2007
A similar name MAERAD is used for the main character in the Pellinor Series by Alison Croggon.
― Anonymous User  9/28/2006

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