Makeda is too similar to many Semitic names to be unique (Magda, Malak, Malka) or the Arabic word wor 'place' makān.I much prefer Bilqis for the Queen of Sheba (Saba in Italian which is better than Sheba in my opinion).
Makeda is a stunning, even mesmerizing, name. It's beautiful yet has a depth to it.
The name of the late legend Bob Marley's daughter... Makeda Marley... the name Makeda is a strong name usually meaning beautiful in ethiopic.
This is a great, original name that I'm probably now going to use for tons of new characters.
Makeda, known in history as the Queen of Sheba, ascended the Ethiopian throne in 1005 B.C. She was exceptionally beautiful and exceedingly rich. Solomon, who in his Biblical writings described himself as Black, (Song of Solomon, Chapter 1, verses 5-6) welcomed the beautiful Black queen warmly. King Solomon wished to marry her and have a child by her. Then a boy child was born and named Menelik. Menelik descendants have ruled Ethiopia nearly 2,800 years except for a brief period in the ninth and tenth centuries A.D.

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