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I don't particularly like the sound of this one, but I do think it's better than McKenna for girls, as it lacks the masculine meaning. Still prefer Kenna over either name, though.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/10/2016
Makena (Kenya) is a name that is mistakenly identified as having its origins from the Kikuyu community but originally has its origin from the Ameru (Meru) community. The Ameru (Meru) community name their children after the traits of the individual whom the child is named after, with the hope that the traits will be passed on to the new bearer of the name. The name Makena therefore means "one who is happy or brings happiness" to the family and community.
Mkaari  7/15/2015
My son had a boy with this name in his first grade class (2012-13), and it was pronounced "mə-KEN-ə". When first hearing the name, I assumed the gender of the child would be feminine. However, first impressions can be wrong and can be changed! This young boy is very energetic and very much a boy, and the name suits him very well.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2013
Actor Taylor Lautner has a younger sister named Makena.
mmcurliq42311  5/14/2013
No, this name is for both genders. It is traditionally unisex; the Kikuyu do not interpret 'masculine' and 'feminine' names the way we do. As for famous bearers, actress Helen Hunt has a daughter named Makena, born 2004.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2013
It's certainly better than McKenna, but not a lot. They're too similar, and a lot of ignorant parents will probably be thinking they just named their daughter a "unique" version of McKenna, when they just saddled her with an entirely different name all together.
Black_X  7/18/2011
Pronounced Mah KAY Nuh.
― Anonymous User  10/7/2010
The name is only for females. It is also common among the Meru, Embu and Mbeere peoples.
wikiwaka  9/16/2009
A lot of people mistake this name with the Irish surname-turned-given-name Makenna (meaning "Son of Kenneth").
Pheadirean  8/22/2006
Makena is actually Hawaiian in origin, meaning "abundance".
billson808  12/7/2005

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