There is an inconsistency in this entry: in the name, you transcribed the Georgian letter ყ as "k". But in the word mentioned in the description, you transcribed that same letter as "q".

Both should be transcribed the same. The correct transcription is "q", so that means that the name is going to have to be changed to Maqvala.

For more information, please see: (in English)
The error described above is still here over a year later. In the Wikipedia article listed above, none of the romanization systems for Georgian transcribe the letter ყ as 'k'. It only ever becomes a 'q'. As such, the official transcription of მაყვალა is Maqvala.

If you want, you can keep Makvala around as a variant transcription of Maqvala, since many Georgians use that transcription on social media.
Makvala Kasrashvili is a Georgian-Russian opera singer. Born March 13, 1942 in Kutaisi, Georgian SSR, she graduated from Tbilisi State Conservatory in 1966. Since 1968, she has been a soloist with Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow.

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