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GenderMasculine & Feminine
PronouncedPron.MA-NUY French
MAH-noo Finnish

Meaning & History

Short form of MANUEL or EMMANUEL (and also of MANUELA in Germany).
VariantManolo Spanish
Feminine FormsEmmanuelle French Manuela Spanish Manuela German
Masculine FormsEmanuel, Immanuel, Manuel German
Other Languages & CulturesImanol Basque Emmanuel, Immanuel Biblical Emmanouel Biblical Greek Immanuel Biblical Hebrew Emmanuhel Biblical Latin Manel Catalan Emanuel Croatian Emanuel Czech Emanuel Danish Emmanuel, Manuel, Manny English Emmanouil Greek Immanuel Hebrew Emánuel Hungarian Emanuela, Emanuele, Manuel, Manuele Italian Manouel, Manuel Late Greek Emanuel Norwegian Manuel, Manuela, Emanuel, Nelinho Portuguese Manoel Portuguese (Brazilian) Emanuel, Emanuela, Manuel, Manuela Romanian Emanuel Slovak Emanuel Swedish
Same SpellingManu (1), Manu (3)
User SubmissionsMänu, Manu


diminutives, short forms, Suikoden characters, Westworld characters
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