I was named Mara in the 1950's. The popular names were Linda, Jennifer, Deborah. I stood out not only because of my name, I was tall. Little did I know that I would find strength in my height but also in my name. There are positive and negative connotations for all names, much like life is positive and negative. I believe we make ourselves, our name represents who we are in the memories of those who love us and those we meet. 'Mara' is an ancient name but also modern. People remember me. I am a Hospice nurse. I have tried to bring gentleness, strength and beauty to my name so those who I care for will remember the love I gave to them. After all, our memory can bring strength or darkness to those we meet. Use your name wisely.
Also Bulgarian, spelled Мара :
Another related name is Xiomara.
Mara Santangelo (born June 28th 1981) is a retired Italian tennis player.
In Buddhism, “Mara” is the name of a demon and a source of great evil...
There is a rough side, but it is a charming name. :)
Hungarian pronunciation: MAW-raw.
Also Croatian. [noted -ed]
"Mara" is a name often used in Bulgaria in the past, but now it is not.

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