I've always loved the name Marcus, but I dislike Mark. Marcus is old fashioned (in a good way) and a handsome name that suits all ages!
I am called Marcus. Have been for over 50 years. I found this site by mistake whilst discussing my name. This is my view on my name and I will try and help you understand what it’s like to be a Marcus.It is a lovely name, with a deep history.
At some point you will be referred to as Marcus Aurelius.
You will become annoyed at people asking if you prefer Mark.
Grammatically, as a possessive, there is no S after the apostrophe.
In film and cinema, Marcus is always the bad guy.
Is that spelt with a K? No!Other than that it’s pretty cool!
If I have a boy, I'll call him Marcus/ Markus ❤️ Simple, yet sophisticated and strong, masculine. It has an easy spelling which I find very important in a name.
My daughter is named Francesca and I think Marcus would be a great name for her brother.
Marcus Parks is an American podcast host, and one of the three founders and presenters of The Last Podcast on the Left. He is often the one presenting the story and facts regarding the topic of the week (which ranges from true crime to folk tales to aliens, etc.) and is the lead researcher for the show.
Marcus to me is just English. I didn't know it was also used in Europe and Ancient Rome!
Marcus is my name and I hate it. It's easily confused with any other name ending -us/-as such as the ever so popular among my generation, 'Lucas'. And shortening it to Marc doesn't make it much better because it's also extremely common as well as the fact that is cursed in the media. There's Marcus from Disney's "Lab Rats" who tries to kill Bree, Chase, Leo, and Adam. There's also Marcus Mason from Archie Comics who in Riverdale, tries to use conversion therapy on Moose and Kevin (this is even worsened by the fact I'm bi and a character with my name does this crap). And let's not forget about the more recent one, Marcus Baker Netflix's "Ginny & Georgia" who, while everyone has crush on, is also the 'bad influence; smoker' type. And if, for some reason, you still wanna name your kid Marcus, please at least choose Markus with a K because it has a better (practically non-existent) image attached to it.
LOVE this name! It's noble-sounding, strong, masculine, and better than Marco.
We have a Marcus, who has a twin brother Patrick - we picked Marcus because it's not too common but not rare either, it's also classic yet modern and it's a strong masculine sounding name - Mark and Marc are outdated here - but I can see our twin boys Marcus and Patrick going onto great things.
Pronounced: MAR-koos (Latin) is incorrect! Pronounced: MAR-koos (Spanish/Hispanic language) I have noticed and listen to how they would pronounce the name. They would have a hard time to pronounce MARC(US) which is a modern version from Roman Latin language of MARC(VS)-IS.
This is a good name. It might not be as popular as Mark/Marc but I think it is a strong name. I think of the emperor Marcus Aurelius when I hear it.
Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He is considered the last of the Five Good Emperors of Rome.
Also German, DutchPronounced: MA-kuys (Swedish), MAR-kuws (German)
You may call it ugly, but neither this classic nor Mark are ugly at all to the rest of us. Be respectful please.
Marcus Junius Brutus was one of Julius Caesar’s best friends and one of his principal murderers. Brutus, though like a son to Caesar, did not regret his actions, saying that they were for the good of Rome.
Marcus is a main character in the video game Detroit: Become Human for the PlayStation.
In 2018, 26 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Marcus who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 277th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
It's like someone wanted to "uglify" the name Mark/Marc. Fortunately Marcus is nowhere near as popular or common as that much nicer version.
I've always liked the name Marcus.
Marcus Miller is a jazz fusion and smooth jazz bassist. Along with Stanley Clarke, he pioneered the use of the bass guitar as a lead instrument in smooth jazz.
Marcus reminds me of mucous.
My Internet persona is Marc (short for Marcus), so I wouldn't really use this name myself. But hey, it's just my viewpoint, so if you want to name your son this... go right ahead!
I actually love this name. It sounds strong and masculine.
Marcus Lodewijk Schenkenberg van Mierop better known as Marcus Schenkenberg, is a Swedish model. He was born in Solna and has dual citizenship of both Sweden and the Netherlands. Schenkenberg, best known for his Calvin Klein advertisements in the early 1990s, is also an actor, singer, writer, and TV personality. He has been modelling for 20 years.
On the TV series from the 1990's, Babylon 5, Marcus is the name of the first Ranger to come to the station. He is witty and very cute. He's also a great melee fighter. I named my son Marcus after this character. FYI, his middle name is Augustus. His dad came up with that and I thought it was pretentious, but it has grown on me.
It's a very attractive name. There was a kid at my school named Marcus and he was the cutest guy at school, lol.
This is a great name. I named my only son Marcus after my grandfather. My son is super intelligent and very witty.
Marcus Eaton is the father of Four from the Divergent trilogy.
Marcus is such a handsome, cool name! I love this name to pieces! :D.
Marcus Eaton is a character in Veronica Roth's Divergent series. He is abusive to his son Tobias.
The name means "War like", "of war", "god of war", or "war". It most likely evolved from the Roman god of war, Mars. In the Underworld series, there is a vampire named Marcus. Marcus is one of the three leaders in the vampire form of government in the Twilight Saga. Marcus Lattimore is a famous NFL player.
I love this name. It does vaguely remind me a bit of "Mucus" after I adoringly started finding cutesy ways to pronounce it, such as "Muk-us" or "Me-kiss".. But I didn't even notice that before. Such a handsome name anyway.
Marcus Mumford, of the British band Mumford and sons.
Mark also means Autumn or Fall.
Very cool name. I like it.
I like it. It sounds strong and courageous. Mark sounds like you "left a mark" on something, but Marcus sounds nice.
I absolutely love this name. By far my favorite name for a baby boy. It sounds strong, intelligent, kind, brave. A perfect vision of a boy to me! :)
I prefer Marc or Mark, since the -us ending is both outdated and pretentious. I don't even bother commenting on other names with this ending since only ridiculous people who bemoan the collapse of the Roman empire would ever use them.
Hiya! Marcus is a very common name in Sweden. I don't know if it is necessary to mention in description but I wanted to tell you anyways. [noted -ed]I'm almost 100% certain that I've read in a book about Swedish names that Marcus/Markus means "protected by Mars"/"son of Mars". Though I can't say for sure so I will look it up later.
A great name! Strong and powerful.
What a great, strong name! This can easily grow with a person.
For some odd reason, I have always disliked the name Marcus. I think it's because of the way it sounds: too harsh and rough. It reminds me of a hoarse throat. The name itself seems a tad silly, like the word circus, or too brooding, like someone concentrating on something unpleasant. I don't dislike the ending of Marcus, or the fact that it sounds old, just the annoyingly harsh sound of the name.
Marcus Belby, a "thin and nervous-looking" Ravenclaw boy. A candidate for the Slug Club because his Uncle Damocles invented Wolfsbane potion in J.K. Rowling's 6th novel Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.
Just thought you would like to know that the names Mark and Marcus have both Hebrew and Greek origins. Marcus is written this way in Greek:
ΜάρκοςMarcus is written this way in Hebrew:
מרקוסHitchcock's Bible Dictionary gives the meaning of Mark and Marcus as:
polite; shiningSaint Mark the Evangelist (Hebrew: מרקוס; Greek: Μάρκος; 1st century), also known as John Mark, is traditionally believed to be the author of the Gospel of Mark and a companion of Saint Peter.
In Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, one of the three Volturi leaders is named Marcus. Not much is mentioned about him, execpt that he has the power to see relationships between people, and that he was married to Aro's, another leader of the Volturi, sister, before Aro killed her beause he didn't like the two of them together and Marcus was more useful to him in his search for power.
Marcus Wesson murdered his 9 children which he fathered by incestuous relationships with his daughters and nieces.
This is a very strong, classic name.
This is my spouse's name. And indeed, he is WARLIKE! I would not advise this name unless you have an extremely forgiving heart and a lot of patience! You get what you order by choosing this name. =o)
I know several Marcuses and all of them but one were very violent children, more violent than your average boy. I don't know if I believe that the name influences the behaviour, but there's something fishy about Marcus. The meaning that I have heard for it, not surprisingly, is "he who beats"! Now they're all teenagers though and I don't see them often enough to know if they've grown out of beating people or not!
Whether a child is violent or belligerent or not has nothing to do with the name and everything to do with his or her parents. Names do not influence behaviour; the attitudes of the parents do.
I think Marcus is a perfectly fine name.
Marcus Flutie is a character in a book series by Megan McCafferty.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Marcus here:
Marcus Flint Was captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team. He was held back a year.
Marcus is the name of the first vampire in the "Underworld" movies.
The name is also known as "war like".
To me, Marcus is someone who is a bit of a rebel but has a strong will and is noble. Mm, my kind of guy.
*Marcus* is a gorgeous name for any male. It has a pleasant sound and a rich history, and it works well for all ages. One of my top ten!
Dr. Marcus Brody is a character in the Indiana Jones films.
Marcus is the the name of the boy in the Nick Hornby novel "About a Boy", filmed in 2002.
Marcus Allen was a great football player for the Oakland Raiders.
Marcus Vinitius is a main character in Henryk Sienkiewicz's novel Quo Vadis.

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