Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman.
Source: Seror, Simon "Les noms des femmes juives en Angleterre au Moyen Âge".
Margalita "Maka" Chakhnashvili-Ranzinger is a professional Georgian tennis player. Chakhnashvili-Ranzinger has won ten singles and five doubles titles on the ITF tour in her career.
Yes, but please note that in Georgia, the name Margalita (მარგალიტა) is not of Hebrew origin. It is actually derived from the Georgian noun მარგალიტი (margaliti) meaning "pearl", which makes the name a Georgian calque (i.e. loan translation) of Margaret.

The forms მარგარიტ (Margarit) and მარგარიტა (Margarita) are also used in Georgia, but they are rare in comparison to Margalita, which is the standard Georgian form of Margaret.

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