Pretty, elegant, fierce, cute. I love the x at the end. I would consider naming my daughter Margaux!
My daughter invited a Margaux to her 6th birthday party (we live in France). I thought what kind of weird name is that? How am I supposed to spell it? She was a pretty but really boisterous, naughty girl. I'd never invite that troublemaker to my house again as she turned it upside down. However I am considering this name 4 years later for my own baby. The name seems modern, relatively international, easy to pronounce. I even like the complicated spelling; I think an X on the end of a name would be fun. Plus gemstone names are interesting. I think the phonetic is drawing me in, since I am also interested in Marigold, which sounds almost the same. However, Margaux is more international than Marigold. I can see the French stumbling over "gold" every time they try to pronounce it. Americans can't stumble over something so simple as "MAR-go", would they?
I like the sound of Margo/Margot, but Margaux seems a bit overdone, but this spelling is still cute. It is very French seeming, but the 'x' might confuse some people pronunciation-wise in the U.S.
Just as bad as Margot.
This is my niece's name and it is so cute! She is two years old, and so pretty and lively. I know one other Margaux from junior high, and had a great relationship with her as well!
According to ( Margaux ranked 26th place in Paris, France (2015).
117 baby girls born in the USA (2015) were given Margaux.
The name Margaux was given to 72 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Margaux Louise Hemingway (born 1954 in Portland, Oregon) was an American model and actress. She is the granddaughter of the iconic American writer Ernest Hemingway.
A little too fancy for me. If someone didn't know to say MAR-go they could have said MAR-gox or something. Other than that it's an ok name.
My name is Margaux and it is incorrect that the origin came with Margaux Hemingway. This is a HUGE falsehood. Margaux is the oldest form of Margot. You will know this because of Margaux, France. Which is city of France which is known worldwide for producing the finest wine. Similar to Bordeaux wines, Margaux wines are held in equally high esteem. Please correct the Margaux Hemingway portion. Yes, she is a famous Margaux. But she did NOT originate the spelling. Thank you!
Yes, there is a place called Margaux in France, but was this used as the spelling for the diminutive of Marguerite? As far as I know, -ot was the normal way to spell diminutives like this one, and Margaux Hemingway simply found the spelling of the place name prettier than Margot.

Funnily enough, Margaux is currently about twice as popular as Margot in France.
Margaux, being a French variant, is pronounced with the accent on the second syllable.
Margaux is a town northwest of Bordeaux, France in the Médoc wine region. It is also the name of the French wine appellation, the premiere estate (1° Grand Cru classé) being Châteaux Margaux, widely considered one of the finest vintage wine makers in the world. The estate has been producing wine since the late 16th century, but only began to gain its reputation after 1705.
Chateau Margaux, in Margaux, France produced its first vintage in 1771. Margaux Hemingway was the oldest granddaughter of author Ernest Hemingway.
Punky Brewster (on the 1980's sitcom) had a friend named Margeaux.
Used during the Middle Ages in France.

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