Czech Pronunciation: MA-ri-yan [noted -ed]

Romanian Pronunciation: ma-REE-an.
glacier_bear_82  6/13/2020
Who would be cruel enough to name a boy Marian?
TyrannosaurusRegina  1/14/2016
I visited Romania this summer, and I met several very wonderful new friends. This was one of my favorite names. Yes, it's female in America, but the way it is pronounced there, MAHR-yan, or as we said it sometimes, mah-ree-YAHN, it sounds very masculine. :) I love the name.

Pet names I use often for my friend Marian are Mario & Mari. And sometimes... Maria or Marianna.

And that is the one downside to this name is the teasing for it being a feminine like name. But, if you live in Romania, then that won't happen. America? Yes, it will.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2011
Famous bearers:
Marian Foik, Polish athlete
Marian Moszoro, Polish ekonomist
Marian Rejewski, Polish mathematician and cryptologist
Marian Smoluchowski, Polish scientist
Marian Klasuz, Moravian multi-genre artist
Marián Amsler, Czech director
Marian Arbet, Czech engineer
Marian Adamus, philologist
Marian Bartoš, Czech psychotherapist
Marián Čekovský, Slovak musician
Marian Dávidik, Slovak orienteering competitor
Marián Greksa, Slovak rock singer
Marián Hošek, medicine doctor
Marián Chudovský, Slovak actor
Marian Chrasta, Czech psychotherapist
Marián Chovanec, Slovak bishop
Marian Jelínek, Czech hockey player and couch
Marian Jarabica, Czech hockey player
Marian Karel, Czech glassmaker and designer
Marian Mrózek, photographer
Marian Matta, photographer
Marian Melman, Polish actor
Meg_Simpson  8/21/2011
Marian Antal Dalmy (born 25th November, 1984, Lakewood, Colorado) is an American football defender and member of the United States women's national football team.
MaggieSimpson  7/29/2009
A famous bearer is actor Marian Kociniak, born 11th January 1936 Warszawa.
Maggie_Simpson  1/15/2008
Nicknames: Marianek, Marianko, Marosh, Rian.
Maggie_Simpson  10/10/2007
Pronounced as "MAR-yan".
Pet forms: Mariánek, Mario, Mára, Marosh.
Karcoolka  7/16/2007
Marian is the Czech form. [noted -ed]
Name Day: 25th March.
Maggie_Simpson  7/9/2007
Slovak and Hungarian form is Marián. [noted -ed]
Maggie_Simpson  6/4/2007

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